April 17, 2009

RSB vs. The Weather?

And the winner ... mother nature!
Friends, the skies are really gray and green and black - depositing liquids, roaring and flashing blinding streaks of lights.

Umm.. no bryan show tonight :(

Here's the scoop:

This was a benefit show that we hope will be rescheduled.

we were partnering with His Grace Foundation, a volunteer organization providing personalized, relationship-based support for families with a child having to undergo a bone marrow transplant due to a form of cancer, aplastic anemia, SKIDS, or a rare degenerative brain disease.

Our good friend, Suzanne, a student at Texas A&M, took the initiative to plan and organize this show in hope to raise awareness and funds for His Grace.

I would love it if we could fulfill her vision of this, despite of the crappy weather in BCS.

Would you consider donating $1, $5, $25 to this beautiful cause that helps so many families in times of crisis?

Click here to make a donation https://www.hisgracefoundationdonate.org/cart/donate

We will reschedule soon and hope to make it to Aggieland very soon.