April 1, 2009


My youngest kid is full time entertainment.
At 3, he seems to have a nack for learning cuss words, drawing a crowd immediately in public and generally entertaining friends and strangers alike.
He love to scream poo poo at anyone who will listen. He does have a deep spiritual side as well, making him a hard kid to read.
Liz overheard him speaking to himself yesterday so she decided to write it all down for us.
Below is what transpired between him and his alter ego.
Btw, Dede & Lelly are big bro & sis (ethan and elle) and any events describing me and my behavior are completely false and i deny them all.

"Last night Jesus was in my room...He said 'It's daytime' and we got up, And God waked up Lelly. Oh, who waked up Dede? God waked up Dede and he got up and and we played...but we didn't hit. We built a clubhouse. Jesus almost wanted my drink. He was thirsty a little bit. Dadda dresses up like Jesus. I was hiding because i didn't want to see Dadda. He did this. (pulls his pants down to demonstrate) 'He shaked his booty.' Jesus had medicine. He gave me medicine because I was sick. He had white medicine. He has all kinds of colors. Sometimes I don't like pink. Sometimes I do like pink."

um..talk amongst yourselves, saints & sinners alike.
there's plenty there for all of us.


Pastor Trudy said...
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Pastor Trudy said...

Our church just started singing "Song of Hope" during worship. My mom is 69 and asking me questions about the song. I looked on the internet to find an interview with you explaining the meaning and what's behind the song. I can't find anything.

If you can't respond to my comment, would you at least post a link where I could find the info???? Thanks!

Laura said...

He is darling.

I think I've learned more about Jesus in the wee hours of the night whilst the tucking in is underway.

These are beautiful moments.

BU DSK said...

Hi. Just saw that you were coming to Baylor this weekend. I'm a Seay, also. My dad grew up in Virginia; massive amount of Seays there:) My husband and I graduated from Baylor and now work/teach here. Hope you have a great time here and hope to get a chance to hear you play.

God Bless.

BTW, I have two 4-year-olds, so I understand the impromtu conversations they have. Ezra's a cutie!!

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