April 27, 2009

RSB and Sarah Reeves in Texas


Just wanted to remind you we're still on the road.. and after the great shows in Indiana, Missouri and Illinois, we're headed back to the Lone Star State!

Check out the dates below and come and join us! We really hope to see you guys there..

Thanks for your support!


April 30

RSB, Sarah Reeves, Ryan Parker, David Ramirez

The Loft
1135 S. Lamar

Dallas, TX 75215


www.theloftdallas.com (for tickets)

May 1*

First Assembly of God
2715 Hwy 183 North

Lockhart, TX 78644


www.lockhartag.org (for tickets)

*Sarah Reeves is not able to be with us for this show but we are excited to have Lanae Hale join us in Lockhart!

April 24, 2009

TANK is a fine human, indeed

It's time we pay respects to the great Tank.
He's a good man. a great drummer.
I thought it might be a nice gesture for the folks of rsb land to say hello to Tank, send him your well wishes as we depart on the road tonight for 10 shows.

go ahead.
Have you hugged your Tank today?

April 17, 2009

RSB vs. The Weather?

And the winner ... mother nature!
Friends, the skies are really gray and green and black - depositing liquids, roaring and flashing blinding streaks of lights.

Umm.. no bryan show tonight :(

Here's the scoop:

This was a benefit show that we hope will be rescheduled.

we were partnering with His Grace Foundation, a volunteer organization providing personalized, relationship-based support for families with a child having to undergo a bone marrow transplant due to a form of cancer, aplastic anemia, SKIDS, or a rare degenerative brain disease.

Our good friend, Suzanne, a student at Texas A&M, took the initiative to plan and organize this show in hope to raise awareness and funds for His Grace.

I would love it if we could fulfill her vision of this, despite of the crappy weather in BCS.

Would you consider donating $1, $5, $25 to this beautiful cause that helps so many families in times of crisis?

Click here to make a donation https://www.hisgracefoundationdonate.org/cart/donate

We will reschedule soon and hope to make it to Aggieland very soon.


April 1, 2009


My youngest kid is full time entertainment.
At 3, he seems to have a nack for learning cuss words, drawing a crowd immediately in public and generally entertaining friends and strangers alike.
He love to scream poo poo at anyone who will listen. He does have a deep spiritual side as well, making him a hard kid to read.
Liz overheard him speaking to himself yesterday so she decided to write it all down for us.
Below is what transpired between him and his alter ego.
Btw, Dede & Lelly are big bro & sis (ethan and elle) and any events describing me and my behavior are completely false and i deny them all.

"Last night Jesus was in my room...He said 'It's daytime' and we got up, And God waked up Lelly. Oh, who waked up Dede? God waked up Dede and he got up and and we played...but we didn't hit. We built a clubhouse. Jesus almost wanted my drink. He was thirsty a little bit. Dadda dresses up like Jesus. I was hiding because i didn't want to see Dadda. He did this. (pulls his pants down to demonstrate) 'He shaked his booty.' Jesus had medicine. He gave me medicine because I was sick. He had white medicine. He has all kinds of colors. Sometimes I don't like pink. Sometimes I do like pink."

um..talk amongst yourselves, saints & sinners alike.
there's plenty there for all of us.