February 28, 2009

RSB tour - end of April

To all the great folks of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and the vast midwest of these United States - we're coming your way!

April 22-29, RSB will cram into a van armed with sound & lights, and play a string of shows along with our friend Sarah Reeves.

Part of what we love about playing music is that we've connected with so many great folks through the years, many of whom invite us to join them for a concert, event, or gathering.

So..it seemed natural to throw this out here on the blog and see if there are some of you who would help bring RSB to your city.

For inquiries or questions, email -- mgr@robbieseayband.com

We hope to see you this April!


Jennet Sullivan said...

Robbie and band,
I wanted to thank you guys for the ministry you provide. I just lost my parents in a murder/suicide and have been coping best I can. Your song "Song of Hope" came on KSBJ and it was just what I needed to hear. Especially that line "Just to know you are here is enough" because I know God is here for me, holding me as I cry and grieve. Thanks for the reminder, and God Bless you guys.

C.J. Bergmen said...

wish you guys were coming this way, hope that the tour goes great for you guys


Anonymous said...

Hey RBS,

Congrats on yall's new hit song! just wanted to tell you that, on your promo video on youtube, you misspelled "exclusive" at the end of the video. :D Praying for you guys!