February 3, 2009

i'm back and realized all of you may have deserted me..anybody out there?

how do you pick back up on a blog after a month of no shows?
diversions & distractions - hoping you'll forget about the 37 days in between posts?


I have failed you - and am offering my hand if you'll unclinch your fist. Okay wait, that's from Obama's inauguration speech and was directed at Iran, but you get the point.

So, with all this non blogging free time I've been busy listening to music..sort of.

This is usually how it goes:
I get way way way too busy in life.
I forget to actually listen to music for the mere enjoyment of it.
Great friends like Taylor or Liz will interrupt my craziness and demand i listen to a particular song or artist. They have good taste and i usually love and wear the song out until i need a 37 day break from it as well.

Here's a sampling of particular songs that have demanded my attention and affection. download them all tonight, make a drive cd and get out of town. That sounds good, yeah?
here's my absolute favorite songs from the month of January 2009:

For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti - Sufjan Stevens
So Wrong For Me - Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons (*pictured above)
They Call Me October - Breann Duren
Texas - The Damnwells
Southbound Train - Jon Foreman
Alibi - David Gray
Surely We can Change - David Crowder
Faultline - Eliot Morris
Walking in the Sun - Travis
Gracie - Ben Folds
Trust - Gatlin Elms

Okay , your turn.
Favorite songs lately?
Blessings from the Seay house,


Mayra said...
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Mayra said...

You are forgiven! It was good to have you back on Superbowl Sunday =)

I've been wearing out the following songs:

1. Beautiful Lord- Leeland
2. Lost!- Coldplay
3. Beautiful- Phil Wickham
4. Rise- Robbie Seay Band
5. My Soul Sings- Delirious?
6. Sore Eyes- Brandon Heath
7. Stop this Train- John Mayer

mike said...

Hard to forget RSB when they remain a constant staple in my car's CD changer. Here's where it's at for me these days:

1. Ice Heavy Branches - Appleseed Cast
2. Stir Up the Flame - Misty Edwards
3. Silver and Gold - Roddy Woomble
4. He Never Said A Mumblin' Word - The Welcome Wagon
5. Freewheel - Duke Special
6. A Distant History - Idlewild
7. Dramarama - Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)
8. Elliott Smith - Angel in the Snow

Much love to Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, btw! They're from the Appleton, WI area (as am I). Amazing live band. If you can get your hands their "Little Bird" LP (or any of their other records), you won't regret it.

Kyle Reed said...

Right now I have been listening to Kings of Leon, Anathallo, and the fleet foxes

bwinkler said...

check out the new CD Fiction Family
Its Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins(nickel Creek)

I think youll like it.

Anthony Celia said...

you have to check out the Whistle Stop. They are from NC. I saw them at the Taylor booth at NAMM and they are amazing. They are not on itunes, get them on CD baby.

Anonymous said...

My late January/February playlist was a single cd; and it's an old one that somehow made it back into my player -- Rich Mullins' Liturgy, Legacy & a Ragamuffin Band.

wesley said...

Glad to have you back!

i'd have to echo the sentiment on the Fiction Family cd. it is Great stuff by two amazing guys...jon and sean.

seperate songs of the now...
resurrect me - jon foreman
chicken fried - zac brown band
feel that fire - dierks bentley
keep the car running -arcade fire
and last but certainly not least
love is the movement - switchfoot

blessings to you in 09 robbie

Madison DuPree said...

I love Sufjan Stevens, and that's a particularly great song of his. If you ever get a chance to see him live go for it!

As for what's caught my attention recently...

Say When - The Fray
The Sun Also Sets - Ryan Adams
Come On - Ben Jellen
Homesick - Kings of Convenience
Lack of Color - Death Cab For Cutie
Be good or be gone - Fionn Regan

mattpatt said...

1. Does Anybody Hear Her - Casting Crowns
2. Working on a Dream - Bruce Springsteen
3. You Reign - MercyMe
4. Inside Outside - Delirious?
5. Lifesong - Casting Crowns
6. I Wish I Were Blind - Bruce Springsteen: MTV Unplugged
7. To Know Your Name - Hillsong
8. You Are Loved - Josh Groban
9. You Are Everything - Matthew West
10. Something Heavenly - Sanctus Real

mattpatt said...

Robbie -

Rumor has it that you have worked on a Hymns album with a little known band - True or No? If so, any details?

Dallas said...

Hey Robbie, here's my jams in no particular order:

Country Ghetto - Mofro
Revelry - Kings of Leon
Great Salt Lake - Band of Horses
Freedom - David Gray
Respect for the Martyr - Earrings for Susan
The Minaret - John Vanderslice
Do It Again - Nada Surf
Staralfur - Sigur Ros