February 28, 2009

RSB tour - end of April

To all the great folks of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and the vast midwest of these United States - we're coming your way!

April 22-29, RSB will cram into a van armed with sound & lights, and play a string of shows along with our friend Sarah Reeves.

Part of what we love about playing music is that we've connected with so many great folks through the years, many of whom invite us to join them for a concert, event, or gathering.

So..it seemed natural to throw this out here on the blog and see if there are some of you who would help bring RSB to your city.

For inquiries or questions, email -- mgr@robbieseayband.com

We hope to see you this April!

February 13, 2009

hope & sadness

My friend Chuck Walker would give you his car if you asked. Really.
He'd drop anything if you asked him and help.
His glass his half full and he doesn't see how life is viewed any other way.
I love him dearly.

Kristi was young, beautiful & would speak her mind at any moment when we first met her at Baylor. Chuck knew right away that this woman would be his wife. She was strong and became an amazing wife and mother.

Kristi passed away this morning, after battling cancer with more courage and strength than i'll ever have.
She is survived by Chuck and three amazing boys - Cade, Mason & Zane.

We are deeply sad. I'm not good and voicing all that wells up in these times. I'm praying for Chuck and the boys today.

Kristi believed with her whole heart in the gospel of Christ, the hope and grace that is the Christian faith. God was real and life changing to her. We join the family in mourning her loss and also celebrating her new life in heaven.
A life that knows no cancer, no pain, no sorrow.

Please pray for the Walker's.
I'll be traveling with friends to North Carolina next week to honor her life and family.

I know many of you have recently experienced great loss in your lives.
I return the prayers for you and together we find hope that this place is not home.

As we've prayed for Kristi over the last several months, I was working on rewriting an old hymn, one whose lyrics have been intertwined in my heart as I've longed for healing and comfort for the Walker's.

O Love that will not let me go
I rest my weary soul in thee
I give you back the life i owe
that in your ocean depths its flow
my richer fuller be

O light that that follows all my way
I yield my flickering torch to thee
my heart restores its borrowed ray
than in your sunshine's blaze its day
may brighter fairer be

Rejoice my heart rejoice my soul My saviour God has come to thee Rejoice my heart You've been made whole by a love that will not let me go
O joy that seeks me through the pain
I cannot close my heart to thee
I trace the rainbow through the rain
and feel the promise is not vain
that morn shall tearless be

O cross that lifts and holds my head
i dare not ask to fly from thee
I lay in dust life's glory dead
and from the ground there blossoms red
life that shall endless be

Rejoice my heart
rejoice my soul
My saviour God has come to thee
Rejoice my heart
You've been made whole
by a love that will not let me go

February 3, 2009

i'm back and realized all of you may have deserted me..anybody out there?

how do you pick back up on a blog after a month of no shows?
diversions & distractions - hoping you'll forget about the 37 days in between posts?


I have failed you - and am offering my hand if you'll unclinch your fist. Okay wait, that's from Obama's inauguration speech and was directed at Iran, but you get the point.

So, with all this non blogging free time I've been busy listening to music..sort of.

This is usually how it goes:
I get way way way too busy in life.
I forget to actually listen to music for the mere enjoyment of it.
Great friends like Taylor or Liz will interrupt my craziness and demand i listen to a particular song or artist. They have good taste and i usually love and wear the song out until i need a 37 day break from it as well.

Here's a sampling of particular songs that have demanded my attention and affection. download them all tonight, make a drive cd and get out of town. That sounds good, yeah?
here's my absolute favorite songs from the month of January 2009:

For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti - Sufjan Stevens
So Wrong For Me - Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons (*pictured above)
They Call Me October - Breann Duren
Texas - The Damnwells
Southbound Train - Jon Foreman
Alibi - David Gray
Surely We can Change - David Crowder
Faultline - Eliot Morris
Walking in the Sun - Travis
Gracie - Ben Folds
Trust - Gatlin Elms

Okay , your turn.
Favorite songs lately?
Blessings from the Seay house,