September 30, 2008

Go West young men

Rsb's intentions here should not to be confused with the gold rush, a dislike for anything east (we'll be on that particular coast this Oct) or the famed Michael Smith album during the late 80's focused on a young man heading westward on the great journey of life.

No, but..with a hurricane that's come and gone, power that's gone and come back & a city that is beginning to clean itself up - RSB is ready to leave Houston and head west.

We still have dates open on the west coast portion of HOPE, COFFEE, MELODY.

The tour will be RSB, Chris Seay & an opening act tbd.

The following dates remain open:


Nov 8 -- looking for PHOENIX or TUSCON

Nov 10 -12 -- CALIFORNIA

Nov 13 -- LAS VEGAS



If you can help bring RSB to your city or can connect us with folks in the above cities, we'd be forever grateful.

email MGR@ROBBIESEAYBAND.COM for questions or inquiries about the tour.


September 25, 2008

Yard of the Month

A friend saw this house while driving around today.
I think it sums up Houston at this point in the clean up.

Many of you continue to ask how you can help.
Our home church Ecclesia has two big projects that you can assist with:


The coffee shop at Taft is now free - drinks, food, wifi..all free to anyone needing a place to retreat & cool off.
With the help of some donors, Ecclesia is underwriting the costs of making that happen - as well as providing essentials (toiletries, diapers, etc..)

Larry & Missy Beach took the call of loving orhpans seriously - they have 12 kids, many of whom have life threatening illnesses and were unwanted. They are a beautiful family who has lost their home in Clear Lake. Ecclesia is looking to rebuild a bigger more practical space for the Beach's.

To find out how you can join us in these efforts, email

September 18, 2008


Watch the video below, download the song on iTunes & do your preferred happy dance wherever you are in support of RSB's music being played on the CW hit show.

Here Here.

Oh, and btw .. if this ghetto home video of the rsb episode doesn't quite meet your hdtv viewing standards, CW will air the episode again on Sunday night Sept 21st at 6pm central time.

September 17, 2008

Hope, Coffee, and Melody Tour Update


I cleaned out my fridge today.
We are still without power and 5 days of rotting and warming food created odor combinations never intended to be experienced by man.
I did survive such nasal trauma and wanted to say thanks to you for your thoughts and prayers - not only for RSB but for all of the Houston area.

There are several things I wanted to make sure you were aware of:

If you are wondering how you can help with relief efforts here, there is no better organization in times like this than the red cross.

Donations can be made online at www. redcross. org

If you want to head south and volunteer, visit http://www. houstonredcross. org/ for details and needs.

Houston,TX has been postponed because of Ike.
Check back soon for the reschedule details.

Bryan,TX is a go!
We're expecting a full house on Thursday night at Palace Theatre.
the show starts at 7pm and tickets are $10 at the door.

St Louis, MO
We will not have the show at Journey Church but will be in all services (sat night & sun morning) at Windsor Crossing as well as playing a free full tour show at Windsor on Sunday night - 7 pm.

Thanks again for the prayers and support for all of us in Houston.

Please pray for power, food & shelter - as those are the biggest needs so far.


September 14, 2008

storm / tour updates

The last 3 days have felt like 10.
As we've had some amazing nights to begin HOPE.COFFEE.MELODY tour, our thoughts and prayers have been with our families and friends in Houston.
After leaving suitcases in Dallas, leaving tour crew in OKC & driving for two days straight through the midwest -- RSB is playing tonight in Minneapolis/St. Paul as scheduled and will be heading back to Texas to be with family tomorrow morning.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out to us and have offered help and prayers.
Our families are safe and we had little damage in our homes, though our hometown of Houston and the neighboring cities have been beat up to say the least.

A few things I wanted to make sure you know about:

BREAKAWAY IN COLLEGE STATION will happen as planned.

HOUSTON tour stop is postponed for now, with details TBA.

BRYAN tour stop is 50/50 right now - please check back here and on our site for further announcements on thursday's show.

Please continue to pray for our families, the Houston communities, electricity to be restored and flood waters to go down in the coming days.

thanks again,

September 9, 2008

Dallas, Texas

All of you who are reading this who are not in Dallas, please excuse me for a minute while i speak to our friends 250 miles north.
Oh, actually call or email a friend in DFW and let them know about the show tomorrow night!

To our friends in the Metroplex,
it is Tuesday and this is significant because Monday has come and gone and yet the Wednesday RSB show is still to come.

The Heights Church

If you haven't purchased tickets yet, we're here to lend an electronic hand in the form of this link.
*tickets can also be purchased at the door

We also want to show our support to students everywhere because study and campus life leave little time to earn spare cashola that pay for tickets to such incredible evenings as this.

here's the scoop:
if you're a student, print this page and bring it to the show tomorrow night - and your ticket is FREE!!

if you know a student (high school or college), forward this email and invite them to join us at no charge.

The rest of you, fine folks I'm certain, will still be required to show currency of some form upon entry, assuming your place of employment compensates you in a reasonable and fair manner.

We are excited to be in the Dallas area tomorrow.
Please help us spread the word.
We're hoping for a great crowd as we kick off the fall tour.


September 8, 2008

HOPE, COFFEE, MELODY tour -- this week!!

Happy monday to you all!
We've just spent the weekend playing 4 times in 24 hours with a red eye flight from San Francisco to top it off.
However, as music professionals we are bound to rise above any Monday side effects of such a crazy weekend to bring you this reminder of the Robbie Seay Band fall tour which kicks off this week!

Yeah... that's right... you heard me..THIS WEEK!

So here's what I'm thinking - come hang out with us. And if you can't come see us, call all your friends in these lovely cities and encourage them to come see us.

Facebook it.

Myspace it.

Email it.

Text it.

You get the point. We need your help to spread the word about these exciting nights with Chris Seay, Alli Rogers & Chris Taylor.... aka, HOPE COFFEE MELODY TOUR.

Tickets are available online at or at the door for each and every show.
We'd love to have you join us.
Now I'm off to hibernate until Wednesday.


Here are the dates;

Wednesday, September 10:
The Heights Baptist Church
201 West Renner Road
Richardson, TX 75080
7:00 pm
**we especially need help getting the word out about this show. help?

Thursday, September 11:
Common Grounds Coffee Shop
1123 S 8th St
Waco, TX 76706
8:00 Pm

Friday, September 12:
Crossings Community Church
14600 North Portland Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK
7:00 pm

Sunday, September 14:
Berean Baptist Church
309 west Cty. Road 42
Burnsville, MN
6:30 pm

Tuesday, September 16:
Breakwawy Bible study
Reed Arena
College Station, Tx
9:00 PM

Wednesday, September 17:
Taft Arts Center
2115 taft st
Houston, Tx 77006
7:00 pm

Thursday, September 18:
Palace Theatre
105 South Main Street
Bryan, Texas
7:00 pm

Sunday, September 21
Windsor Crossing
114 N. Eatherton RD
Chesterfield, MO 63005
7:00 PM

Monday, September 22
Southwest Bible College
1600 University, Ave.
Bolivar, MO
7:00 Pm