June 26, 2008


West Virginia played host to RSB last weekend and we encountered an enthusiastic taxi drive named Twigger.
Twigger drove us to and fro in the early hours on Sunday and we thank him kindly for the transportation.
However, Twigger's skills go well beyond driving.
Be on the lookout for the T man's singing debut in the video below.
He's sure to be opening for RSB in no time.

Oh, and we also had a blast with everybody at KCU in Kentucky.
Thanks for joining us for a great evening.

We hope you appreciate the remarkable cinematic skills on display by our very own, Taylor Johnson. What an eye for the dramatic!

FYI, He usually includes bad 80's music as the musical backdrop for our traveling adventures. Not sure the reasoning, but it seems to work
what do you think?
any 80's suggestions for the next installment?


June 21, 2008


Today, i'll be honest with you, contrary to most postings found here.
I need your help!

I'm taking the Mrs. to New York City next week and I'm not prepared.

I've visited NY several times in my life and Liz lived there briefly in college.

But I've been busy and the details of the trip have eluded my priority list..until now.

This is where you can help rescue me from trip implosion:

What is your favorite restaurant in all of the city? We like quiet, chill spots w/ great food but not too stuffy of a vibe. Any recommendations in SOHO and the Village would be awesome but we're open to any part of town.

HOTELS - does anybody have any hookups, discounts, free:), suggestions, etc..
I"m usually a hotel guru when i travel but New York is crazy expensive!
Anyone have a friend or a relative who works for a major hotel chain who is just dying to help out a poor musician from Texas?

What should we do? We'll shop some and eat a lot..and walk..those are givens.
But what have you guys done in NYC that is a must stop for us?

You're too good to me.
Thanks for the help.

June 19, 2008

thanks for a great week

RSB had a great trip to Chicago for the Willow Creek Arts conference, to Nashville for the SESAC tv/film gathering & to Kentucky for Ichtus.
Thanks to everybody who came out and supported the band.

And to other news, its crazy brutal steamy can't breathe HOT in Houston,Tx today.

June 15, 2008

My Pops, My Old Man, My Friend

My Dad is a great human.
Edgar Martin Seay.
His story escapes me so often and i fail to share it because it seems so unlikely and far fetched.

He was born in Tokyo,Japan - a city of leave for his mother and father who were both fighting in the Korean war.

He was born May 31,1950.
His father was killed a few weeks later.
His mother passed only a few years after that.

He was raised by a loving grandmother and a firm grandfather who drove trucks with 1 arm, having lost the other in a bar shoot out (not far from where our church is today).

He found God and then music as a teenager growing up in our hometown of Houston,Tx.

As a 20 year old music leader he met my mother Cindy, the daughter of his pastor & boss. My grandfather, Robert Baldwin, was not a man that many would view as allowing any guy to date his daughter, much less marry in her late teens.
Ed Seay ignored such warning and followed love and seemingly lives to tell about it. (Thanks to Papa for not killing him)

He is a man that, for years, had no living relatives on his side. None.
Can you believe that?
He never used that as a crutch or allowed it to define him.
After marrying Mom 37 years ago, they are more in love than ever.

A man who carried the Seay name all alone now has 5 kids & 15 grandkids.

He has served faithfully as a pastor at the same church for the last 18 years, during which time he earned his doctorate in theology & serves on the board of trustees of his alma mater, Houston Baptist University.

My dad loves God deeply.
He loves people sincerely.
He adores his family immensely.
He doesn't give a crap about status or wealth.
He loves golf, the Beatles & buying every toy ever invented for his wild grandkids.

He is a father who told me to pursue music when nobody was listening to my albums.
He is a Dad who told me to marry for love and not worry about the rest.
He is a friend who balances reason with great abandon and lives life fully.
He is a parent who I long for my kids to emulate.

Pops - we love you.
Happy Fathers Day to my hero.

June 10, 2008


This is my youngest son.
He sends his greetings from gotham city.
We've been vacating at the beach.
I'm writing now at 1:37 am,back home & due to awake in 4 hours to catch a flight to chicago.

We just returned from cramming 26 people in 1 beach house and actually loved every minute of it.

I'm thankful this morning ... for family, sunsets, batman goggles, cheeseburgers & frank sinatra records.


I know many of you reading may need a vacation and you've been going through crap in your life these last few weeks or months.

My hope is that no matter where you are or what is happening around you, we all find time today to give thanks to God for the small and grand blessings in our lives.


June 5, 2008

rsb summer extravaganza!!

we hope this email finds you having a great first week of summer.
Before the thermometer in H-town reaches triple digits and the humidity rises to unbreathable levels, all of us in RSB land thought a night of music and friendship was in order to start the season off right.
If you don't live anywhere near our fine city, give a friend a call who does and share the news. It's going to be a great night at Houston's best live music venue, hands down!

And so, consider yourselves invited to the following:

Robbie Seay Band
Friday June 6th
w/ guests : Evangeline, Grey Holiday & others
Warehouse Live
buy tickets online (www.warehouselive.com)
or purchase at the door
*rsb will play last at approx 10:15pm

So leave those crossword puzzles, old reruns of Sanford & Son and the glass of warm milk behind...and come join us!

See you all tomorrow night.

June 4, 2008

Taylor J

Blog readers.
Blog readers.

The great Taylor Johnson is back playing shows with RSB this summer.
We're excited to have him with us and hope you guys can make it out to see the band at a venue near you.

BTW, many of you ask about tour dates.
myspace.com/robbieseayband is your place.

June 1, 2008

Ryan the skater

I was a prep in high school.
To clarify, at my rural high school, one was either a KICKER or a PREP.
So even though i wore flip flops and t shirts every day, i got the prep label.

The great bass playing Ryan Owens?
A skater. A skater that played in bands covering Red Hot Chili Pepper songs.
He was cleary much cooler than i was, no question.
He actually knows how to do stuff on that skate board that's really..um..gnarly.
(He was actually sponsored by some company in high school to travel and do skate deals..i am quickly sounding ignorant to the ways of the skate community..but i know it was something cool :)

So today, in between playing 3 services at ecclesia with rsb, Ryan made time to attend the opening of a new skate park near downtown Houston.

He sent me this picture of him and Carabeth Burnside, the supposed greatest female skater that has ever lived and I thought you folks deserved to see how Mr. Owens spends his free time. Um, Is she holding a HOT POCKET?

Happy Monday.

here's a shot from thursday's show in Tomball of Ryan and I getting our group vocal on during a rowdy rendetion of New Day. We are so into it..yeah!!
Thanks to everybody who came out to see us and for voting on the cover songs. The Beatles, Travis, Wallflowers & Wilco all made the setlist.