April 29, 2008

Going Pro?

I got my bowl on tonight.
There's some talk of me going pro, though i feel that may be a bit premature.
I've got to prove myself in Nationals this summer.
The biggest struggle for me is quiting music for professinal bowling.

To alley lanes everywhere - bowl or die!

*this just in .. i've been informed that pros bowl at least 100 points better than my score from tonight - the training continues.

April 26, 2008

I am...

My lovely wife recently posted this on her blog and i tend to copy her in all my artistic and intelectual endeavors.
Today is no exception.

i am: tired and waiting in a hotel lobby for my ride
i think: New Mexico is cool
i know: Texas is cool
i want: Astros tickets
i have: 1 pick and 3 pennies in my pocket
i wish: 3 pennies bought me a snickers bar in the gift shop right now
i hate: waiting
i miss: all me E's & chuy's
i fear: spending money on bad movies
i feel: blessed, fat & happy
i hear: bad hotel lobby music and an old lady yelling at the front desk clerk
i smell: cheap hotel facial lotion
i crave: chicken fajitas from Pappasito's
i search: Craig's list for continental airline vouchers
i wonder: if the Rockets will win game 4 tonight in Utah?
i regret: not spending every Saturday afternoon in my backyard with E's
i love: Saturday afternoon naps with golf on tv
i ache: for children who are suffering in poverty
i care: about the work of Compassion International to rescue such kids
i always: talk to Liz at least 5 times a day when i travel
i am not: in shape..i need to get my run on!
i believe: the Rudy's bbq lunch i just had was delightful
i dance: on the ceiling
i sing: too much
i don't always: sing my own lyric correctly
i fight: never
i write: songs, blogs, emails, letters & setlists
i win: ping pong - every time - bring on the challengers!
i lose: wii tennis & guitar hero against Phil Wickham this past Tuesday
i never: get days off..but it's the good life
i confuse: easily
i listen: to Frank Sinatra greatest hits
i can usually be found: in a van, my house or playing music
i am scared: of Tyler driving at 3am :(
i need: more hours in a day, more time with family & an Astros world series victory!
i am happy about: Mexico in July


April 23, 2008

Nashvegas & Friends

Liz and I have just returned from the city of music and we had a splendid time.
Actually she shopped and hung out at FIDO (our favorite coffee joint in town) while I was working.
Okay..so calling it "work" may be stretching it.
We had a blast with friends and music folks from around the country.

Above is a picture of several friends and myself.
Can you name them, name a favorite song from each artist & tell me who out of these 4 fellas has recorded a song written by another artist in the picture?

RSB will be giving away an iTunes gift compilation with songs from each of these lovely humans, so make sure you get it right.


April 16, 2008

Limos, Confetti & Hanna montana!

My brother Chris has 2 daughters.
They are the sweetest girls on the green earth and they clearly have great perspective on where this music career of mine is headed.

T: H., I just saw a limo. I wonder if Robbie is in there.

H: No, Robbie's not a star anymore.

T: Oh. Did he use to have a limo?

H: yes. But it got too expensive.

T: Why?

H: You have to rent studio space, buy lights, the confetti, the confetti machine. It's alot of stuff.

T: Oh. Like a hundred dollars?

H: No. Like 20,000 dollars.

H (to Mom): Is that about right, Mom? (apparently this was the first thing she was unsure of!)

Mom: I don't know exactly but at concerts you get to sell tickets so you make that money back.

H: Oh yeah!

T: Will he be a star again?

H: Well in about 5 years he'll be about as popular as Hanna Montana was when she started.

T: Oh.

April 15, 2008

Who drives 24 hours straight?

We do.
Not under normal level headed circumstances.
But yesterday, in our eagerness to return home after a great trip to the southeast, we drove straight from Raleigh to Houston.
This is not advisable or even remotely intelligent, however we are glad to be back in the great state of Texas today.
Thanks to everybody in Auburn, Montgomery, Savannah, Cary, and Raleigh for joining us this past week.

Above are a few images i took with my phone along the path.

I will now attempt another improbable feat of sleeping for 24 hours.

April 11, 2008

this week in picture

In a week that we mounred the death of a friend, my heart has been heavy.
Rather than dwelling on that, i thought i'd give you several goofy pics of me and the joyous times of the last few days.

This is the bronze likeness of Houston's baseball hero Craig Biggio. Man, do i look mean? aaarrghhh!! I've got pro athlete written all over me :)

I took my friend Brad from Nashville to see the Houston Astros home opener, along with my brother Chris. It was a beautiful night at the "Juice Box".

RSB spent Wednesday night playing a show in Montgomery,AL. My friend Trey took me to see Dr. King's church in downtown.

We spent Friday night in Savannah,GA and i just thought this guy was great. Doesn't he just make you smile?

Thanks for stopping by, everybody.
Blessings from all of us in RSB land.

April 7, 2008

Costello jr ?

This is the youngest of my 3 animals/kids. He's two and believes in his heart and soul that he was born to rock and roll.
As i rounded the corner the other day, he was sporting these shades and with guitar in hand, he had a strong resemblance to a mini Elvis Costello.

We're working on a kid friendly rendition of "Veronica" as we speak.

Happy monday from RSB & little Elvis C.

April 4, 2008

Babies and Tex-Mex

Houstonians are good at 2 things.

ONE Pro-creating (married folks, of course)
I've got 3 kids already and I"m only 25..or so..okay..a bit older

TWO Tex-Mex
We know our way around this localized version of Mexico's cuisine

So my friend Tyndall calls me on Sunday morning.
We're playing in Washington D.C. but he leaves me a message.
He says its good news and urgent.
Now, given the above decleration of what occupies the time of Houston folk, I assumed that this was the announcement of child #4 for his family, a rare feet even by Houston standards.

I returned the call, and the excitement was evident in his hello.
"Yes..", I replied.

"You won't believe this. Are you sitting down?"
"Yes.." said me.

"CHUY'S is opening a restuarant that is 2 miles from your house", he screamed into the phone.

I was stunned.
Left motionless and without words to speak.
This WAS big news.
Not child #4 level of news, but close.
Not my Houston Astros win the pennant kind of news.
But big, nonetheless.

You see, Chuy's is the King of Tex-Mex in Houston and it would now be close enough to my humble adobe for me to fulfill my creamy jalapeno sauce cravings whenever i want!

Have you been there?
Fish Tacos are amazing. You have a favorite?
Come on.
I'll buy.
Have a great weekend everybody,

April 1, 2008

Maryland & D.C. - a great weekend!

RSB is just returning from our weekend trip to the east coast.
We had such a great time with Gary G. and his staff in Ocean City, Md.
We made great friends among the 4k students who joined us for the gatherings.

We also got the chance to play a show at Ebeneezer's in D.C. on Sunday night and had a great crowd.
This was our second time to play at the music venue, which is below the Ebeneezer's coffee shop on F street (near Union Station).

I never tire of visiting the nation's capital.
I'm that guy - a map in one hand & camera in the other, off to see sights that i've visited ten times before. I am..a dork.

Love it!

Here are some highlights of the trip:

-the cherry blossoms in full bloom along the waterfront

-hanging with students at the Impact conference in MD

-getting to know BEC recording artist Chris Taylor - awesome guy! (his debut album comes out in April)

-dinner with friends at Utopia in D.C. (on U street) - great live jazz and the best steak i've ever had

- an RSB tradition for many years now, visiting the Lincoln Memorial at midnight..amazing view of the city and the best memorial in town

-happening upon a FREE TIBET rally right in front of the White House

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see the band.
We really enjoyed our time and hope to make it back soon.

Now for the rest of us, what's your favorite place to visit in D.C.? I've told you ours (Lincoln at night), it's your turn.