February 27, 2008


sic em bears is what i'm shouting tonight
my hands are numb as i write this in the dim light corner of common grounds coffee shop.
you see, when texas reaches 50 degrees, we run for cover
but not tonight
the brave..the proud were out in force
several hundred of you guys survived the sub 50 degree weather, enduring the elements all in the name of

we had a ball and it was great to be back in waco among friends.
thanks to everybody who joined us and if you are reading this and you happen to live in college station, lexington,ky, or dallas..you're next
come join us!


February 25, 2008

welcome to the rsb party - BRENT THE GREAT!

It's that time again..
the next installment of RSB's best of 2007!
This week we shine the spotlight on the very talented and youngest member of the RSB management team, Brent Nettles. He is the newest guy to be inducted into the crazy world of RSB and we love having him on board.

Brent's love for chicken tenders, french fries and hot dogs keeps us all young and in shape! When he's not running the RSB office, he's running marathons, playing in the Houston Tennis & Polo Leagues, as well as, designing all the RSB apparel.

Some day he'll be the President of the United States but until then, you'll find him as the President of the RSB Fan Club.
Here's the best of 2007 according to Sir Brent Nettles:

1 Best album - Either "In Rainbows" by Raidiohead, or "Easy Tiger" by Ryan Adams,

2 Least Favorite band member - Jerry.

3 Favorite Tour Stop - Biloxi was the most profitable, and D.C. was a lot of fun - but my favorite stop had to be at Sheetz in PA.

4 Best Movie - That's a tough question
here's my top five:

-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
-The Darjeeling Limited
-No Country for Old men

5 Most annoying Song -
Though there is great musical genius displayed in the lyrics "Yeah, I'm wit da shop boyz - You know what we do, I'm surfin' screamin' kowabonga TOTALLY DUDE!!"
and by repeating the lyric "party like a rock star" one billion times in three minutes is unprecedented - It is still my most annoying song of 07, "Party Like a Rock Star" by Shop Boyz.

6 Favorite member of RSB's management team - We aren't really a team. Jmac does all the work. So i would have to say . . . Ryan.

7 Friendliest State - Alabama.

8 Favorite Discovery - Ryan Booth

9. Favorite Houston Restaurant - Front Porch.

10. Most likely to succeed out of RSB - Jerry

11. New years resolutions - Try more foods. Travel more. Get a new job.

February 21, 2008

Chickens, a new dress & the kingdom of God?

This is Annet.
She got a new dress.
Not the one pictured, but a new red one.
and a new pair of shoes.
and some soda.
and some photos taken of her family.
and..a chicken for her father.

Uh, yes ... a chicken.

My wife Liz sent Annet, our sponsor child in Uganda, $10 last month as a small gift.
I had no idea.
What's ten bucks these days?
$9 got me a ticket to see a film last night.
$10 gets me a chick fil a #1 value size and piece of cheesecake.
I have to admit, a lot of times i hand over my card to the clerk and have no idea the amount being charged.
that's horrible, i know.

But that extra money for Annet, on top of the 32 bucks we send every month, was huge for her family.

I received a letter in the mail this week from Annet herself, thanking "Sir Robbie Seay" for the generosity that has meant so much to her family.
Are you kidding?
My heart wanted to fall to the ground.

I'm a selfish credit card swiping American gorging myself on chicken sandwiches and living my life oblivious to the fact that my more generous wife had sent some extra money to Annet her family half way around the planet.
And she was thanking me?
(trust me, the good in my family comes from Liz)

This letter, written on purple notebook paper, has derailed my thoughts and priorities today and reminded me why i got involved with a group like Compassion International in the first place.

God has called me to something more than just music, more than my neighborhood, more than my comforts. The Kingdom of God is a new dress & and a chicken for her - not credit cards and chicken sandwiches for me.
(no offense to the folks at chick fil a who play rsb in their fine establishments).

God is calling us all to be a part of seeing His kingdom coming to earth, just like it exists in heaven.
that prayer - that calling begins with the poor and the oppressed.

Compassion International works exclusively with local communities around the globe - specifically churches in villages and communities in 24 countries, rescuing close to 1 million children from poverty. My $32 a month helps my specific child, Annet, in Uganda participate in programs that educate her, feed her and shares the story of the love and hope found in the gospels.

i'm asking you to consider joining me in sponsoring a child today.
many of us long to be a part of breaking the cycles of poverty and oppression but have lacked the resource to do so.
here is your first step.

look for a child to sponsor


*btw, if you already sponsor a child - please share your story. post a comment telling us about your child, their culture and some about your relationship with him/her.

February 13, 2008

Jmac's Best of 07

Jeremy "Jmac" McCasland, at the age of three, became the youngest child to be accepted into the Mickey Mouse Club. He went on to be a Broadway star, a winner of three Latin Grammy Awards, and co-writer of many hit singles in the eighties with artists such as: Jermaine Jackson, Air Supply, Diana Ross and Bruce Springsteen. He did all this before his thirteenth birthday.

Jmac is the most popular person on the planet and I guarantee he knows someone in your family. He’s been a good friend for over ten years, drives the official car of RSB, Kia, and manages RSB. And he's good at it.

This is the Best Of 07, according to Jmac:

Best album
3 way tie: "It's Not Big It's Large" Lyle Lovett, "My Holiday" Mindy Smith, and "Chase this Light" Jimmy Eat World

Least Favorite band member
All the guys are super but if I had to choose a "least favorite" it would most definitely be the Fall Tour Van. So glad we sold that piece of diesel poop (don't forget diesel, jerry). I hope the new owner is not reading this!

Favorite Tour Stop
Austin, TX.. mexican food.. seth woods.. need i say more?

Best Movie
"High School Musical 2".. oh wait, that was Robbie's.. mine was “3:10 to Yuma”

Most annoying Song
"Crank Dat Soldier Boy" By Soulja Boy

Favorite member of RSB's management team
little B!

Friendliest State
the great state of TEXAS!

Favorite Discovery in 07
Dexter (best show on tv)

Most likely to succeed out of RSB
robbie vs ryan (arm wrestling competition) watch for this on the blog!

New years resolution
RSB reaches #1 on radio charts, to get Robbie to take more than one shower a week, and to beat Ryan in a marathon!

Favorite Houston Restaurant
Ya Ya Mary's (try the chicken souvlaki)

February 8, 2008

Jerry's Best of 07

Jerry Nettles hails from the Apalachian mountains, where he spent years widdling arrowheads and playing banjo with his cousins moses and jethro in the local pubs.

His story is not unlike yours and mine, though he rarely speaks about the two years he spent working the nightshift at ihop in West Virginia, a season in his life he often refers to quite sincerly as the "rooty tooty fresh and fruity" years.

He loves bears, english literature, vanilla ice, and hearing himself speak aloud in rooms that have distinct acoustical architecture.

and oh, by the way, he plays a lovely guitar for the rsb and we love him dearly.

he is the great, Jerry Nettles - and this is his best of 2007 list.

1 Best album -paolo nutini

2 Least Favorite band member - Robbie

3 Favorite Tour Stop - Austin

4 Best Movie - Live Free or Die Hard

5 Most annoying Song - I'm A Soldier (our opening song)

6 Favorite member of RSB's management team - Robbie

7 Friendliest State - Mississippi (biloxi)

8 Favorite Discovery - The Front Porch

9. Most likely to succeed out of RSB - Not Ryan

10. New years resolutions - Join A New Band

11. Favorite Houston Restaurant- Mi Luna

February 6, 2008

Flllaava Flave!!!!!!

So not everyone can have a brush with greatness, or get to hang out with
the coolest of cool celebrities........ you know, the A list (Reality
Show) Celebrities.

Well as I was scanning the magazine rack at the Denver airport a few
weeks ago I looked up and saw a man who personifies the before
mentioned "Reality Show Greatness."

It was....... Flava Flave!!!!!

Now he was not on the cover of a tabloid or music magazine, he was
standing right next to me! He is not hard to locate in a crowd with
his huge clock he wears around his neck and the pink and black
striped fur coat he was wearing with full pride.

Now I can't say I'm even really sure why he is famous, I know he was
in the rap group Public Enemy back in the day, but why is he famous
now? We've all seen him on various reality shows on MTV and VH1
(anyone find it strange that these shows no longer actually play
music videos) although I'm not sure why?

Anyway, here is my photo proof of the encounter. He was a nice guy
and insisted on a picture with me and my beautiful wife Leslie and
our daughter Avery.