December 19, 2008


Attired in colorful Christmas threads and sipping on Taylor's famous egg nog - we wish you all a Merry Christmas!

We hope you enjoy down time with family and friends these next few weeks.
We'd also invite you to read a message below about Advent & our efforts to approach this season differently this year and for years to come.

With love from Houston,
Robbie Seay Band


Teresa said...

Merry Christmas!!!! You Guys ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing RS-Band a Wonderful Holiday Season & Great 2009 ~~~ New Year ~~~~~~~~~~~Arriving Soon ! Aren't You glad Tank didn't make you WEAR reindeer antlers on your Heads To further the cause of Unity in Cheerful Holiday Sweaters ? (Hope-You all had a great Advent / Christmas ! ) I hope and Pray you WILL find more Sponsors for the Children living in Desperate Situations, Lots of us should Change how we Celebrate Christmas and Focus on Getting Others Basic Needs Met. Thanks For RE>Minding US ! We needed To Hear it AGAIN ! You all are the sweetest, dearest folks ! Love ~ Jeannie ~~~

Bert Bagley said...

Happy New Year...I always enjoy your music and pray for your ministry often. You were gracious a couple of years ago in your visit to Galveston and I hope you can return soon.

God Bless

Bert Bagley
Sr. Pastor
Moody Methodist Church
Galveston, Texas