October 14, 2008

Tour Update!


The tour is going fantastic and we're so glad to hang out with you guys!

Now, we're not a huge band with lots of radio promotions and whatnot - so we're counting on YOU to help us spread the word!

Here's where we will be in the next couple of days --

Nashville, TN
Anchor Fellowship - downtown
7pm - tickets are $10
RSB will be with Alli Rogers, Chris Seay and special guest Breann Duren

Wake Forest, NC
North Wake Church - downtown Raleigh
7pm - tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door
RSB will be with Alli Rogers and Chris Seay

If you know anyone in those areas, or you are in the area, help us get the word out! We would love for everyone to come see us and hang out.

Hope to see you there!



Gerald Malloy said...

when are you guys coming to south florida??!!

Alicia said...

O My Gosh I went and saw you at Scotts Hill Baptist Chrurch, I loved it so much we have pictures and we just love you all.

Thanks for coming and the work you do
God Bless

wesley said...

when are you guys coming to Chicagoland ???? please!

Lbee - Honey Head Family said...

Just caught an ear full of your band on MMTV the other night. Picked up Give Yourself Away on Itunes and love it. You have talent and praise God you know why! Any chance you're coming to the midwest area? We are in MI but have wheels and can travel.

Lbee - aka, Honey Head Family

Teresa said...

Hey! You guys should come over to California! Bakersfield, CA!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U GUYS ROCK MY SOCKS!!!