September 25, 2008

Yard of the Month

A friend saw this house while driving around today.
I think it sums up Houston at this point in the clean up.

Many of you continue to ask how you can help.
Our home church Ecclesia has two big projects that you can assist with:


The coffee shop at Taft is now free - drinks, food, wifi..all free to anyone needing a place to retreat & cool off.
With the help of some donors, Ecclesia is underwriting the costs of making that happen - as well as providing essentials (toiletries, diapers, etc..)

Larry & Missy Beach took the call of loving orhpans seriously - they have 12 kids, many of whom have life threatening illnesses and were unwanted. They are a beautiful family who has lost their home in Clear Lake. Ecclesia is looking to rebuild a bigger more practical space for the Beach's.

To find out how you can join us in these efforts, email

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