September 14, 2008

storm / tour updates

The last 3 days have felt like 10.
As we've had some amazing nights to begin HOPE.COFFEE.MELODY tour, our thoughts and prayers have been with our families and friends in Houston.
After leaving suitcases in Dallas, leaving tour crew in OKC & driving for two days straight through the midwest -- RSB is playing tonight in Minneapolis/St. Paul as scheduled and will be heading back to Texas to be with family tomorrow morning.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out to us and have offered help and prayers.
Our families are safe and we had little damage in our homes, though our hometown of Houston and the neighboring cities have been beat up to say the least.

A few things I wanted to make sure you know about:

BREAKAWAY IN COLLEGE STATION will happen as planned.

HOUSTON tour stop is postponed for now, with details TBA.

BRYAN tour stop is 50/50 right now - please check back here and on our site for further announcements on thursday's show.

Please continue to pray for our families, the Houston communities, electricity to be restored and flood waters to go down in the coming days.

thanks again,


Laura said...

RSB-Thank you for showing such determination to get to Minnesota. You made real the vision that my husband, Micah, had to help people give themselves away. To your wives--thank you for the sacrifice of your husbands to this ministry of encouraging and inspiring others. It can't be easy to parent by yourself for any length of time, but we are grateful. -Laura

Jourdan said...

RSB - Let me first say hello from a former FBC Amarillo-ite! It's been a long time since youth camp, but I still appreciate your music and ministry and had a wonderful surprise last night...I was watching my first ever episode of One Tree Hill, thanks to the prodding of my sister Ali, and low-and-behold there was Shine Your Light On Us (plugged in version) playing during the climax of the show - the entire song. They gave you a shout out at the end as well. The friend I was watching with plans on checking out your website and music on iTunes. Anyway, such an encouragement to hear you on the show and I certainly appreciate the message of the show as well. Your song fit perfectly. I'm thinking about all of you and the rest of the people in Houston and Galveston. I hope that y'all are doing well and that your families are safe! Keep on pressing on...~ Jourdan Foran, Colorado Springs

Anonymous said...

Certainly,We'll Keep You & All of The Folks Living In Houston / Galveston In Our Prayers,You can be Reassured,Thank Goodness, So Few People Were Hurt Or Killed By This Powerful Hurricane,I Kept Up With All The Stories On The News,So glad To Hear Y'all Are O.K., And I saw The Commercial With Your Song In It In Pittsburgh On Channel 11- WPXI On Sept.15 Around 9:30 P.M., Couldn't mistake Your Raspy Voice Singing,Dear Robbie,Thanks For Keeping Steadfastly Onward In The Midst Of Tremendous Adversities ! Love in Jesus, Della - From Pennsylvania - May God Continue His Protection Over You Y'all.