September 18, 2008


Watch the video below, download the song on iTunes & do your preferred happy dance wherever you are in support of RSB's music being played on the CW hit show.

Here Here.

Oh, and btw .. if this ghetto home video of the rsb episode doesn't quite meet your hdtv viewing standards, CW will air the episode again on Sunday night Sept 21st at 6pm central time.

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Anonymous said...

My Bro, Cliff did a Happy Dance in the SWEET JOY of Jesus,when your song came on,in the Tv-Show, One Tree Hill,will any other TV-Sitcoms Showcase Your Songs,In the Near Future ? (Did you get Your Electric Restored ? I know-One Third of Residents In Houston Still Are " in The Dark." Lots of them are Spiritually -Void,IN The Dark,Besides ! Love The RS-Band -Thanks For Inspiration To DANCE !!! :o ) Here's Some Friendly Smiles For Y'ALL :) :) :) We Love You Much In Jesus's Wonderful Love----> Della