September 9, 2008

Dallas, Texas

All of you who are reading this who are not in Dallas, please excuse me for a minute while i speak to our friends 250 miles north.
Oh, actually call or email a friend in DFW and let them know about the show tomorrow night!

To our friends in the Metroplex,
it is Tuesday and this is significant because Monday has come and gone and yet the Wednesday RSB show is still to come.

The Heights Church

If you haven't purchased tickets yet, we're here to lend an electronic hand in the form of this link.
*tickets can also be purchased at the door

We also want to show our support to students everywhere because study and campus life leave little time to earn spare cashola that pay for tickets to such incredible evenings as this.

here's the scoop:
if you're a student, print this page and bring it to the show tomorrow night - and your ticket is FREE!!

if you know a student (high school or college), forward this email and invite them to join us at no charge.

The rest of you, fine folks I'm certain, will still be required to show currency of some form upon entry, assuming your place of employment compensates you in a reasonable and fair manner.

We are excited to be in the Dallas area tomorrow.
Please help us spread the word.
We're hoping for a great crowd as we kick off the fall tour.


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Anonymous said...

Hope You & Your Family Make It Safely Through The Coming Hurricane, Y'all Take Precautions & We'll Pray For You --- Love, Your Friends In Jesus Our Lord ( Take Care.)