August 7, 2008

Studio of the Future

Well, it's been too long since we've met like this.
RSB has been traveling non stop, visiting friends in Pittsburgh, Decatur IL, Milwaukee, Nashville & Estes Park,CO
Now that I'm home for a few weeks, I'm able to write a lot which I am really enjoying.
I'm writing songs for RSB, songs for country music (yeah..they're not very good but i laugh at myself outloud as I pen lyrics about my 'truck being stuck in the mud' :) & songs about Liz and my crazy kids.

Anyway, I wanted to give you all a glimpse into the high life, the fast lane, the future of audio recording.
This is El Bano Studios - one of the finest studios on my street at the very least.
The acoustics rival LA & Nashville's finest recording rooms, no doubt.
Notice the high profile USB mic..yeah, it plugs right into the MacBook. Nothing but the best, folks.
And please don't overlook the double sinks and curling iron - essentials if you're going to record the magic.

So, it's pretty ghetto I know.
But until I write a hit song for the world to sing, I'll be content to bring a candle and kitchen table chair to the demo sessions and write for writing's sake.

Hope you're having a lovely summer.


Phillip said...

here's another bathroom studio

Liz said...

can you please get your stuff out of the bathroom?
i need to get in there.


mike said...

(From Makin' Music for Money; Jimmy Buffett)

I said I know that this may sound funny
But money don't mean nothin' to me
I won't make my music for money, no
I'm gonna make my music for me

Keep playing what's in your heart -- songs about life, even if it's country...Jimmy's done pretty well for himself doing that.

Brennan Loveless said...

i've got a Blue Sno-ball mic that has a USB connection....i'm gonna have to try recording in the bathroom

Daniel Buchanan said...

ha! nice

Anonymous said...

If You Think That is Primitive-Feel Privileged,INSTEAD ! Imagine what Outdated RECORDING Equipment The Beatles Used-Or The Cavemen BEFORE Them-Made do With ! I Also Have Noticed the Great Acoustic-Qualities in El BANO-& Sang & Played GUITAR-and RECORDED in There,TOO! Hope God Blesses US-SOON ! It Starts To MAKE You Feel "CLaustrophobic" After A Couple Hours in There! Tell us When You Get a Brainstorm & Write Any NEW Songs Brilliantly <> You CAN DO It<> Robbie We Have Confidence in Your Ingenuity ! ;)

Layton said...

nice. is that where anchordown will be recording with you? least you won't have to fight over the sink with donald.

Shae said...

I can't wait for Robbie Seay: the Tub & Tile Sessons!

Your wife must really love you to give you that much time in her bathroom. ha!