August 14, 2008


Musicians have always been great at asking questions rather giving answers.
So today, I join them.

Health care in the US has been on my mind lately. From my 4 month old friend Zoe who is strong and alive against most odds -- to sitting with a 17 year old (who had no insurance of any kind) as he took his final breath at Houston's trauma hospital recently - it affects us all.

Anybody who knows me will know that I follow politics but don't trust any of these guys enough to actually work on behalf of the middle class & the poor. You gotta own an oil company or work in pharmaceuticals to get that kind of attention.

So, I turn to you instead.

Here is a question I submitted to Rick Warren at the request of his office - looking for questions to consider for Saturday night's joint interview at Saddleback Church with both candidates.

"We live in a country where the poor are turned away from hospitals and yet the rich have VIP access to the best medical care in the world. Is it possible to provide health care for every American who needs it (rich and poor), protect the high quality of health care in this country & avoid the bureaucratic chaos that often defines most agencies operated by the federal government?"

your thoughts?


Mayra Bunny said...

It would be really good if we could maintain the integrity of our healthcare system and be able to provide it to everyone who needed it. I really wish someone could fix the system.

On a lighter note...I just found out that I go to HBU with your sister! =)

mattpatt said...

I have lost a great deal of confidence in our leaders. We hear of the nice $250,000 renovations to vacation houses to immorality.

I'm at a loss.

My wife and I both work - have a combined income of about $82,000 and we're just a pair of the many who can't afford health care.

I have no faith in our leaders. I pray that someone who has all in mind steps forward.

We're told in Philippians to pray and not to worry. For me it's very difficult especially considering the leadership or lack thereof in our country.

Anonymous said...

If Uncle Sam is involved there is no way to make health care universal. I wish there was a way to be socialist in a way and be more like Europe on health care. I don't see this happening anytime soon whether a liberal or conservative makes it to office. Just make sure you work for a company that will pay for it, go overseas, or retire from the US military.

On a lighter note I'm going in tomorrow for an ECG and can't believe I have to pay $10.00 for parking @ Memorial Herman just to see a cardiologist. I really s/b concerned that I'm 31 and seeing a cardiologist for the second time about chest pain. I hear the doctors in TX are better than back home so we'll see.

guy in PA said...

true, not everyone can afford clinical outpatient care, but no one, by law, can be denied emergant care if necessary. this is true for non-taxpayers and tax payers alike. trust me, i see it. a non-tax payer can show up on the door of a hospital, deliver a child (possibly requiring C section), stay for post-op care, child's care (hopefully not NICU $$!) and discharge with a bill sent to 'address unknown'. so, that deficit is split among the hospital's remaining patients to cover the costs. and you know (x3), bringing kids home ain't cheap.

that's one example.

another: for the government to pay for everyone is rediculous. look at us. in China, there's free coverage if you meet certain requirements, most recently, that men have to have a waist line of < or = to 33 inches. guess how many Americant's that would exclude...

also, if health care in these 'advanced' countries is so nice and accessable, why do those with money still come here?

(devil's advocate)

from myself: I don't know how to fix it. something is going to happen, i'm not sure. i can venture to guess that physicians don't really want to be government employees (4 years college, 4 in med school, 7 more training, and the debt from it all...), and you don't want us to work 9-5. the worst sickness will inevitably come just after midnight. until then, we'll be there...

ps: anonymous, just to be clear, the doc's are NOT getting that parking money! hope all is well.

God bless.

Gal in TX, AKA anonymous said...

As far as the cost of America's health care, one reason for the cost is too many people get sue happy. If jane doe dies gets "bad" treatment/diagnosis then they/their family like to sue & it makes our heath care & insurance too expensive. We can fly to India find a reputable doc & still pay less after flight, hotel, & hospital stay than it would cost our insurance. we have lots of Indian docs here so why not take a vacation to India & see them over there. it's cheaper for medical care, the dollar goes further and you get a vacation out of it.

also HMOs took a hit, I've heard from peeps in the industry. Dr's were sued when john doe found out that he had something that wasn't diagnosed. Now they are going overboard on exams to be through and CYA. This results in increased costs.

to Guy in PA...
I know that the doc doesn't get the parking money it's just the principle. I'm a country girl and paying for parking to see a dr. is unheard of! I paid $6.00 but was advised that valet costs the same amt (still trying figure that out).

on matters of why the "advanced" countries i.e. europeans come to america are for love, land, freedom,university and capitalism (jobs). not for benefits trust me I know lots of Germans, french etc married to our troops, although the mexicans could be here for benefits.

you should watch "sicko" by Michael moore. i know there is a liberal slant (i'm a GOP) on the film but it does open your eyes to the world of medicine.

I hope all is well I'm nerviously waiting for my test results.