July 24, 2008

sunsets and tex-mex

It's been a good summer.
God's painting the sky and I'm armed with a camera phone.
I'm sure he's laughing but it's all i have.

This last week, I've been more moved and aware of God by simply looking up.
I don't know why but I've needed the reminder that God is grand, huge - bigger than my songs or my worries.

I then enter the doors of Chuy's and I can't think Him enough for allowing the combinations of flavors and spices that is "creamy jalapeno" sauce.
(We're gonna slow down the Chuy's visits though. The mgr. recently said to Liz and I upon arrival : "weren't you guys just in here 2 days ago?")

And so to you, I pray sunsets, tex-mex and the hugeness of God before the summer passes us all by.


aaron ivey said...

i'm completely envious of your chuy's experience. i miss it. but i will get it soon in AUSTIN. woohoo.

J said...

we always knew you two were hittin' the "sauce" a bit too much! :)

also, check out heather burdeaux's blog...
seems the rise school is using your song for their graduations... so cool!


Justin Bowers said...

Robbie (and band),

Great to meet you guys tonight. Awesome show. I really appreciate your music, writing and hearts. Thanks for hanging out with our kids in Pittsburgh!

Justin (the driver from Pittsburgh)

Anonymous said...

Robbie-Just got to Meet You & Your Wonderfully Kind,God-LOVING And Gifted BAND-MEMBERS in McMurray,PA(-Pittsburg ) :) It was Great To Be at the CONCERT-there! Didn't Know About YOUR blog-spot,Until TODAY!Wish We Could've Talked More About TEXAS-& Plano / Houston-Yes, My Brother Lived On Towne Main Drive in PLANO-but Now is Moving to FRISCO-TX) My DAD's SISTER lives In ARLINGTON-TX-,My Aunt Fritzie Lives in LUBBOCK-So Maybe I'll Visit There-soon/ When the HOT TEMPS-Start to COOL! We Appreciated Y'all Coming To INSPIRE Us ONWARD In Our FAITH-THANKS! Your DAD's Life-Story Moved Me as I Read It,HERE,Today,Bro'- Your New Pal-With Tons Of Relatives in TEXAS- Bonnie- My Nickname is DELLA-And Hello-Again WE loved Beatles-intro-TUNE YOU Played- Keep Blogging & SHINING For JESUS > :)

jackmooring said...

Dude... Chuy's is the best. Haven't been there in ages, and this blog has inspired me to go back. thanks...

wb said...

We caught you guys in Decatur, IL...which was AWESOME by the way...and were able to get a picture of an amazing sunset as we were driving home...a great reminder as I was "armed" with my actual camera

Christina said...

Chuy's is amazing - from the queso to the chuychangas to the sopapillas... delicious.
I looove looking up to the sky because it (like you said) reminds me that God is so much bigger than everything around me. It reminds me that no man could ever create something so beautiful as a sunset (or sunrise). I like to think of the sky as God's canvas.