July 24, 2008

sunsets and tex-mex

It's been a good summer.
God's painting the sky and I'm armed with a camera phone.
I'm sure he's laughing but it's all i have.

This last week, I've been more moved and aware of God by simply looking up.
I don't know why but I've needed the reminder that God is grand, huge - bigger than my songs or my worries.

I then enter the doors of Chuy's and I can't think Him enough for allowing the combinations of flavors and spices that is "creamy jalapeno" sauce.
(We're gonna slow down the Chuy's visits though. The mgr. recently said to Liz and I upon arrival : "weren't you guys just in here 2 days ago?")

And so to you, I pray sunsets, tex-mex and the hugeness of God before the summer passes us all by.

July 14, 2008


I'm excited to announce the fall tour plans for RSB.
Hope, Coffee & Melody will hit the road and share a unique experience in approx 24 cities across the country.
This will be a unique gathering of music, story, mission & great coffee to share together.

Joining the band will be Chris Seay (brother, pastor, author, friend), Chris Taylor (BEC recording artist) and singer songwriter Alli Rogers.

We are finalizing routing these next few weeks and have a few shows to add.
If you or someone you know has interest in helping making an evening happen near you, email us at mgr@robbieseayband.com

here is quick write up from Chris and I on what the evening will represent:

"The world seems to be getting more complex. Oil prices have skyrocketed, natural disasters perplex us all, and despite the reality that the internet has dissolved the borders of the world through information, people still feel deeply disconnected, isolated, and alone. There is a story that brings us all together, only in the onslaught of nonstop media noise this Voice of Hope is drowned out. It’s time to tune in. In one night of music, story, experience, and laughter we hope to connect rich and poor, hopeful and hopeless. Intertwine the lives of the struggling coffee farmer with the people who wake up drinking coffee from beans he plants and harvests and in this connection they will both find hope. A young girl in a Kolkata red light district will be given a job making bibles rather than following the footsteps of her mother who works in prostitution, and the employer and employee will be changed forever. A child that you have yet to meet, will look to you and ask you to share your abundance so that her most basic needs might be met, and the world will become so much more than smaller, but closer. It is our prayer, that in the midst of this whirlwind we will laugh as people that have not lost hope, drink deep of a rare cup of coffee, and share a melody that will awaken the best in all of us. So set aside one evening to see the world from a new vantage point and leave singing your own "Song of Hope."

July 1, 2008

RSB in The Dominican Republic

I'm writing tonight from the Dominican Republic.
I'm tired but realized I haven't shared much about our trip to this country.
Ryan and I, along with our wives, are here with Compassion International to learn more about the work God is doing in the lives of kids across the country.
Over 43,000 kids in the DR are being sponsored through Compassion and their lives are being changed forever.
Raquel is one of them.

Raquel is sponsored by RSB and we had the joy of meeting her today in person.
She is a beautiful, strong 7 year old girl.
We will be sharing more photos, video & telling you the remarkable stories of her family which includes 10 children.

But for now, please pray for her and the rest of our time here.