June 26, 2008


West Virginia played host to RSB last weekend and we encountered an enthusiastic taxi drive named Twigger.
Twigger drove us to and fro in the early hours on Sunday and we thank him kindly for the transportation.
However, Twigger's skills go well beyond driving.
Be on the lookout for the T man's singing debut in the video below.
He's sure to be opening for RSB in no time.

Oh, and we also had a blast with everybody at KCU in Kentucky.
Thanks for joining us for a great evening.

We hope you appreciate the remarkable cinematic skills on display by our very own, Taylor Johnson. What an eye for the dramatic!

FYI, He usually includes bad 80's music as the musical backdrop for our traveling adventures. Not sure the reasoning, but it seems to work
what do you think?
any 80's suggestions for the next installment?



brandon said...

"Ice, Ice Baby" at the Warehouse show, was the best!! Thanks Taylor!

Natalie said...
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Brennan Loveless said...

how bout Tears for Fears "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
or Huey Lewis and the News' "Hip to be Square" ??

Cassie said...

So i totally love the fact that y'all were rocking out with rock band! That makes me love your band even more now than b4! I am quite the fan of rock band! Haha, glad to see y'all were having fun!~Cassie

jeremy jansen said...

the irony of an actual rock band playing rock band while on tour is more than i can bear...mind=blown.


parma said...


go. :)