June 1, 2008

Ryan the skater

I was a prep in high school.
To clarify, at my rural high school, one was either a KICKER or a PREP.
So even though i wore flip flops and t shirts every day, i got the prep label.

The great bass playing Ryan Owens?
A skater. A skater that played in bands covering Red Hot Chili Pepper songs.
He was cleary much cooler than i was, no question.
He actually knows how to do stuff on that skate board that's really..um..gnarly.
(He was actually sponsored by some company in high school to travel and do skate deals..i am quickly sounding ignorant to the ways of the skate community..but i know it was something cool :)

So today, in between playing 3 services at ecclesia with rsb, Ryan made time to attend the opening of a new skate park near downtown Houston.

He sent me this picture of him and Carabeth Burnside, the supposed greatest female skater that has ever lived and I thought you folks deserved to see how Mr. Owens spends his free time. Um, Is she holding a HOT POCKET?

Happy Monday.

here's a shot from thursday's show in Tomball of Ryan and I getting our group vocal on during a rowdy rendetion of New Day. We are so into it..yeah!!
Thanks to everybody who came out to see us and for voting on the cover songs. The Beatles, Travis, Wallflowers & Wilco all made the setlist.


Cassie said...

Whoo Hoo! My song made the set list! Yay Beatles!

Cassie said...

So just watched the video and i don't think i've laughed harder in the past year! that made me cry i was laughing so hard...love the continual bad singing throughout...thanks for brightening my night!~C