June 21, 2008


Today, i'll be honest with you, contrary to most postings found here.
I need your help!

I'm taking the Mrs. to New York City next week and I'm not prepared.

I've visited NY several times in my life and Liz lived there briefly in college.

But I've been busy and the details of the trip have eluded my priority list..until now.

This is where you can help rescue me from trip implosion:

What is your favorite restaurant in all of the city? We like quiet, chill spots w/ great food but not too stuffy of a vibe. Any recommendations in SOHO and the Village would be awesome but we're open to any part of town.

HOTELS - does anybody have any hookups, discounts, free:), suggestions, etc..
I"m usually a hotel guru when i travel but New York is crazy expensive!
Anyone have a friend or a relative who works for a major hotel chain who is just dying to help out a poor musician from Texas?

What should we do? We'll shop some and eat a lot..and walk..those are givens.
But what have you guys done in NYC that is a must stop for us?

You're too good to me.
Thanks for the help.


Cindy Seay said...

Hey babe,
I'll be your first New York lover to respond. You have to go to the Top of the Rock at sunset. It's awesome.
I love Lombardi's in Little Italy for lunch - great pizza and wine.
We have also enjoyed some of the Irish Pub's around Time Square - great fun atmosphere.
Staten Island Ferry is free and offers great sites and is relaxing as well.
Ollie's and Carmines are favorites of ours and Brian and Amy.
I'll stop now.
i love you,

MTWY said...

cafe habana in soho is nice. people swear by the corn appetizer. i recommend the pork chops for dinner.

aaron ivey said...

dude. you MUST go out of your way to get to Lenox Lounge in Harlem. (www.lenoxlounge.com) check out the schedule to pick a night when someone's playing. it doesn't get any better than that. just a little subway ride. you'll thank me.

i'm also agreeing with your mom: LOMBARDI'S!!

have fun!

Josue Trevino said...

You have to go to the
NINJA restaurant.

ask around, you WILL not be disappointed.


Taylor & Jessica said...

You have no idea who we are, but we're big fans of you and of NYC. Here are our dessert must-stops:

1) Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village on Bleecker Street(almost a hole-in-the-wall place, but very famous)--they have THE BEST cupcakes and there's a park across the street where you can eat them...there will probably be a line, but it's very worth it!

2) Rice to Riches on Spring & Mulberry Streets near Little Italy(only eat here if you like rice pudding...that's all they've got)

3) Il Piccolo Bufalo in Little Italy--good atmosphere, good food, and reasonably priced (this isn't just desserts...)

Anonymous said...

Hey - this is Stacey Stone from STAR 99.1 in New York City. The first thing you will need to do is set your hotel radio to 99.1, perhaps at the Edison Hotel in Times Square. I come from a very cheap Texas family and they stay there when they come to town. It is right in the middle of everything and they have the cheapest breakfast and best coffee in NYC. I saw someone recommended the Magnolia Bakery but you will have to wait in a long line - it's still worth it. If you get to missing Texas or just people with that accent, go to Cowgirl on Hudson in the Village. Owned by a Texan and they serve Texas food - and don't miss Pinkberry on Bleeker. Good eatin!

ruth said...


We'll see you at the Zoe Batiansila benefit in Brookfield, WI on 7/6. CAN'T WAIT. Your praise and worship music takes my soul closer to home EVERYTIME!!!!

OK - here's my sweet romantic suggestion for New York. Please take your lovely bride to Serendipity II for a frozen hot chocolate.

Ruth from Wisconsin