May 2, 2008

the streak continues!

Yeah..That's right!!

That's 82 tickets pouring out of the hi-ball game machine at Sir Chuck E Cheese's.

The luck continues on from the bowling alley to the game room and if i were you, I'd run to the nearest music store and buy my cd. Surely such proximity to my music could bring great fortune to you as well.

Btw, anybody interested in going into business where we serve subpar pizza to kids for outrageous prices, provide outdated gaming for a quarter a pop, use entertainment videos that were edited on a home mac and make a bundle of cash?

lets do it.
That Mr. Cheese is a shrewd business man.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Cheers -


Coop said...

I can make the sub-par pizza... heck, I could make above par pizza if you want. Next time you're in Milwaukee let me know, and I'll whip up something special.

The Secret Life of Kat said...

Granted, we don't eat pizza very often....but I actually like Chuck E Cheese's pizza. At least it's much better than Peter Piper Pizza's - pizza.

My oldest daughter is all about the tickets when she goes to Chuck E. Cheese. She's like a kid in a casino - trying to evaluate which machines will give her the biggest ticket return...

82 tickets. That's serious.