May 4, 2008

Gatlin Elms

This kid is good.
really good. (said with a nacho libre accent, at least in my tormented head)

If you haven't heard his music, take a few minutes to visit his website ( or on iTunes under Gatlin Elms Band.

I had the joy of working on this project with him and i'm excited to see folks encounter his music.

I hope you all have a great Monday.

1 comment:

Marlers said...

I have to tell you Robbie that you, Gatlin and Brandon Heath are all the girls ever talk about! I guess you could say that we never cease playing all of your albums non-stop at the Marler House! We will be driving down the road and more times than not, Mr. Robbie (accompanied by a few giggles), Mr. Brandon or Mr.Gatlin get our heads a boppin'!! I love it that the girls have met all 3 of the Godly men that they hopefully will look up to and search out the same qualities in their future mates. :)

Hope to see ya'll soon!