May 17, 2008


RSB made its way to southern California this week and I promise you all that the weather is horrible, the ocean water is cold, the food stinks & we're having a horrible time.

Okay, none of that is true but that's what we're telling my wife, who i owe a trip to California soon.

It's an amazing weekend to be here and we had such a great show with our friend Josh & the boys of Telecast, as well as the fine folks of Menifee,Ca last night. Thanks to everybody who joined us.

Some other highlights thus far, you're asking?
Why yes .. slideshow, please!

Jerry and Ryan, upon arrival at San Diego International Airport, are seen here with a $10 donation from a fellow passenger who was arriving back home. We don't normally receive monetary donations after departing a plane but a man who overheard us talking about music and God knows what, walked up and handed us cash.
And we thought Texas was generous. San Diego - supporting the arts!

Need I say more? When in California, it's a must stop for any burger loving American. (Ryan looks stunned in the presence of such culinary greatness)

Our friends at Taylor Guitars invited us over to El Cajon to tour the factory and get some work done on my guitar. If you're ever near San Diego, you HAVE to call Taylor and check on getting a tour (i believe its fridays only).
It's amazing how much detail goes into making these guitars. I love my acoustics and to see how they come to life is really cool.
Thanks to Robin, Bob B. and the whole crew for making us feel at home.

Obviously, there are guitars and guitar shells everywhere in the factory.

Here is my guitar getting worked on in the Taylor repair shop. ( they had the guitar taken apart in minutes..crazy to see!)

These huge machines are a part of the production process. It felt like Mr. Rogers factory tours. (remember those?) Here, the machine is sanding and grooving the necks to create frets...or something :)

Taylor Guitars - amazing.
Taylor jean jackets in their gift shop - be the judge.
(That's my best magnum)

So here's my question for you:
What should we do in San Diego with some free time?
Is there one place you've been in this city that is a must stop for us?
Help some Texas fools out.



aaron ivey said...

why you gotta taunt us like this? that's just cruel man.

Jaime Quillin said...

Hi Guys,

Andy and I just moved to North county San Diego and we are trying out churches. We went to The Flood website to check it out today and you guys are playing - weird! Anyway, we might see you if you play the service we are at.

In San Diego you should drive up to Mount Soledad war memorial in La Jolla and look out over the city and coast - takes about 30 minutes total up and back (free). Go check out La Jolla cove area. You can see seals in action at the marine biology station (also free). Walk along the dramatic cliffs and watch the waves crash (duh God made it - free). Tons of great places to eat in La Jolla cove some are pricey though. I like Georges - a little shi-shi but a sweet view of the ocean from their open deck, you can get lunch for $10-$15 I recommend tha Ahi Tuna pasta if you like Ahi. Pacific Beach is an area of town with a little more "grit" to it. If you are looking to hang out go to the PB pier area, plenty to see and do there.

Have fun and call us if you need anything, Andy is at 281-253-5787.

Time for our morning surf session...

Teia said...

hey robbie. it's teia. zoe's older sister. greg's oldest daughter. that whole shebang of people.. :)
just wanted to say hi. and that i really love your music. you're an inspiration to us all.

IzziCB said...

Hey Robbie and band. Darn. well Teia beat me...I was going to say about the same thing. Im the second oldest. One of Zoe's other older sisters. Hey Hows it going? Im Isabel or Izzi. Thanks for all you are doing for us I mean with your music. Your music helps alot. My dad says you have been praying so thank you. I hope you all stay safe. God's Blessings. Take care.

MTWY said...

does this mean there will be no cali part 2? so smooth.

BUSH said...

Bronx Pizza...amazing. of course i realized you're probably back in town already. i'm too late.

RickHopes said...

Robbie and Band,
Like, totally excellent concert! I regert not meeting with the band that was inspired to give us "Song of Hope". It came at the right time for me (after my wife of 16 years was called to be with the Lord). What a NON-coincidence blessing! And being single is not so bad, God uses ALL people.

Mt Soledad is a great point for inspiration, if you go downtown, there are the big city sights in the "gaslamp" district, Ghirardelli chocolate gives a free sample for walking in the door, House of Blues nearby, Hard Rock Cafe. Balboa park has lots of free exhibits, some free museums, SD zoo. At the east side of the Harbor (near downtown) is shopping a the Midway (WWII aircraft carrier). West side at Shelter Island (north end) is the BEST seafood restaurant, BaliHai.

Taylor Guitars said...

Hopefully you had fun on your visit. Great blog by the way. Send me an email when you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

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