April 23, 2008

Nashvegas & Friends

Liz and I have just returned from the city of music and we had a splendid time.
Actually she shopped and hung out at FIDO (our favorite coffee joint in town) while I was working.
Okay..so calling it "work" may be stretching it.
We had a blast with friends and music folks from around the country.

Above is a picture of several friends and myself.
Can you name them, name a favorite song from each artist & tell me who out of these 4 fellas has recorded a song written by another artist in the picture?

RSB will be giving away an iTunes gift compilation with songs from each of these lovely humans, so make sure you get it right.



stephen said...

L to R:

Matt Maher - Taylor acoustic, Fender Tele - Your Grace Is Enough

the fabulous Robbie Seay - Taylor acoustic, Fender Tele - Stay

Chris Tomlin - Martin acoustic - Not To Us

David Crowder - Anderson Crowdster - Obsession

Tomlin recorded Maher's song "Your Grace Is Enough"

what do i win?

by the way, great to meet you and the band in Cary a few months ago.

cheers.......stephen claybrook

skc said...

DOH! that would be "a few weeks ago"

Gil said...

Alrighty... :P

From left to right...Matt Maher, Robbie Seay, Chris Tomlin and finally David Crowder.

Songs by these great guys...

Matt Maher - The Rivers o Babylon
Robbie Seay Band - Peace
Chris Tomlin - How Great Is Our God
David Crowder Band - Here Is Our King

And lastly...
Chris Tomlin recorded 'Your Grace Is Enough' which was witten by Matt Maher.

Gil said...

*The Rivers Of Babylon

:( ... :P

sehart said...

Matt Maher-Grace is Enough
Robbie Seay-Love Wins
Chris Tomlin-Let God Arise
David Crowder-Remedy

Tomlin recorded Maher's Grace is Enough.

beholdhowfree said...

Dang! Everybody beat me to it!

bwinkler said...

Matt Maher-empty and beautiful
Mr. Robbie Seay-Love Wins
Chris Tomlin-Glory in the Highest
and David Crowder-Deliver Me

and as everyone said..
your grace is enough was written by Matt Maher and recorded by Chris Tomlin.

C said...

Sadly, I've no idea about the what or who of the picture. It looks like you were having way too much fun to call it work.

Any chance you're headed to the Pacific Northwest on tour?

robbie seay band said...

it was a valiant effort but all of you failed to mention my recording of several david crowder songs from the robbie seay early years.
where are my true faithful fans who hold such great knowledge?

well..the first of you who got the majority of the info requested to respond to this with your contact will get the coveted iTunes prize package

email mgr@robbieseayband.com

good day!

pearlschad said...

Left to right

jon bon jovi - Dead or Alive
Sting - Englishmen in ny
Axl Rose - Sweet Child of Mine
Bob Dylan - I shall be released

Axl covered Dylan's "Knocking on Heavens Door"

Did I win?

brandon.marler said...

hey....didn't Crowder record "All I Can Say"...or did he write that? Heard it on XM the other day.