April 16, 2008

Limos, Confetti & Hanna montana!

My brother Chris has 2 daughters.
They are the sweetest girls on the green earth and they clearly have great perspective on where this music career of mine is headed.

T: H., I just saw a limo. I wonder if Robbie is in there.

H: No, Robbie's not a star anymore.

T: Oh. Did he use to have a limo?

H: yes. But it got too expensive.

T: Why?

H: You have to rent studio space, buy lights, the confetti, the confetti machine. It's alot of stuff.

T: Oh. Like a hundred dollars?

H: No. Like 20,000 dollars.

H (to Mom): Is that about right, Mom? (apparently this was the first thing she was unsure of!)

Mom: I don't know exactly but at concerts you get to sell tickets so you make that money back.

H: Oh yeah!

T: Will he be a star again?

H: Well in about 5 years he'll be about as popular as Hanna Montana was when she started.

T: Oh.


beholdhowfree said...

HAHAHA! That is hilarious!

Kijar said...

See Please Here

Arny said...

You'll have a alter ego?

Shae said...

That's awesome! You should pass the plate for a confetti machine. That would rock! :)

Shaun Groves said...

I can't beat that. But I can come close. Our nephews Nathaniel and Phillip wre in my backseat listening to the radio a few weeks ago. "Is that Uncle Shaun?" Nathaniel asks his wise big brother. "No," Phillip said. "They don't play his music anymore. Now they play Uncle Robbie."

Apparently, and I did not know this rule existed, the radio folks can play only one of their relatives at a time. Who knew?