April 26, 2008

I am...

My lovely wife recently posted this on her blog and i tend to copy her in all my artistic and intelectual endeavors.
Today is no exception.

i am: tired and waiting in a hotel lobby for my ride
i think: New Mexico is cool
i know: Texas is cool
i want: Astros tickets
i have: 1 pick and 3 pennies in my pocket
i wish: 3 pennies bought me a snickers bar in the gift shop right now
i hate: waiting
i miss: all me E's & chuy's
i fear: spending money on bad movies
i feel: blessed, fat & happy
i hear: bad hotel lobby music and an old lady yelling at the front desk clerk
i smell: cheap hotel facial lotion
i crave: chicken fajitas from Pappasito's
i search: Craig's list for continental airline vouchers
i wonder: if the Rockets will win game 4 tonight in Utah?
i regret: not spending every Saturday afternoon in my backyard with E's
i love: Saturday afternoon naps with golf on tv
i ache: for children who are suffering in poverty
i care: about the work of Compassion International to rescue such kids
i always: talk to Liz at least 5 times a day when i travel
i am not: in shape..i need to get my run on!
i believe: the Rudy's bbq lunch i just had was delightful
i dance: on the ceiling
i sing: too much
i don't always: sing my own lyric correctly
i fight: never
i write: songs, blogs, emails, letters & setlists
i win: ping pong - every time - bring on the challengers!
i lose: wii tennis & guitar hero against Phil Wickham this past Tuesday
i never: get days off..but it's the good life
i confuse: easily
i listen: to Frank Sinatra greatest hits
i can usually be found: in a van, my house or playing music
i am scared: of Tyler driving at 3am :(
i need: more hours in a day, more time with family & an Astros world series victory!
i am happy about: Mexico in July



Stephanie said...
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stephaniestock said...

Comment issues! Ha.

Mine took a lot longer than I expected. It's on my blog (just click my name) if you want to see.


mattpatt said...

i am: tired from yardwork today in the heat of AZ
i think: it's time RSB comes to AZ!
i know: my life is better because of my mother, father, wife and children
i want: the Orioles to finish at .500
i have: Diamondback tickets for next weekend
i wish: my 18 year old daughter would come to church with us and find what we've found
i hate: selfishness
i miss: my mom and dad - They live in Maryland
i fear: the Orioles won't finish at .500 ;-)
i feel: blessed, fat & happy
i hear: the NBA playoffs in the backgound - Utah is up on Houston
i smell: nothing - I'm stuffed up due to allergies ..
i crave: a Red Robin 5-alarm burger
i search: for RSB tour dates
i wonder: if RSB will come to AZ
i regret: not writing my book based on the daughter we lost to leukemia
i love: hugs from my wife and daughters ...
i ache: for children who have cancer
i care: about these same children and the pain their parents are experiencing
i always: talk to my parents - Thank goodness for Verizon!
i am not: in good shape - I lay my clothes out every night to hit the gym in the morning ... but alas ....
i believe: we'll be blessed for following our heart and leaving the LDS faith - I believe there are tough and good times in front of us ...
i dance: in front of my teenage daughters friends to embarrass them!
i sing: only when no one else is around
i don't always: weedeat the back yard - sometimes it's just too hot here!
i fight: cravings for chocolate
i write: emails and very rarely a journal
i win: sports trivia and entertainment contests - True, I have no life
i lose: discussions about money with my wife
i never: stop worrying about my family
i confuse: far too easily
i listen: to RSB and Bruce Springsteen
i can usually be found: in my yard, in my car, in my family room or behind the computer
i am scared: when my daughter calls on a Friday or Saturday night
i need: more hours in a day, more time with family & an Orioles world series victory!
i am happy about: my life

Tish said...

Hey! Thanks for coming to the LOBO theatre in ABQ! We loved the show...and appreciated you sharing all that God is doing in your own heart. In the middle of your talk I suddenly realized that I had used one of your songs on a video I made for my blog...and didn't even think to ask if it was OK or if you approved. The blog is www.salvationforthenation.blogspot.com and the video link is in the sidebar. Please let me know if you would like me to take it off!!

bwinkler said...

posted it on my blog as well
thanks for giving me something to do.

mtwy said...

dear robbie,

your "new" album has recently grown on me like ivy on a brick wall. it's awesome. i've featured your song "new day" over at our online community known as mtwy. let me know if you want me to take it down.