April 29, 2008

Going Pro?

I got my bowl on tonight.
There's some talk of me going pro, though i feel that may be a bit premature.
I've got to prove myself in Nationals this summer.
The biggest struggle for me is quiting music for professinal bowling.

To alley lanes everywhere - bowl or die!

*this just in .. i've been informed that pros bowl at least 100 points better than my score from tonight - the training continues.


Shae said...

Tell Liz to get working on your bowling shirt. It's important to use shiny material and have a nickname like, "KingPin," embroidered on it.

bwinkler said...

robbie if you quit playing music...i will fly, drive,hitchhike, or walk..whatever it takes to get to houston on my wage, and shake you back into reality....so..theres your advice.


tyler said...

not bad, not bad.

the once every 3 years i do bowl, it is usually around 130.