April 4, 2008

Babies and Tex-Mex

Houstonians are good at 2 things.

ONE Pro-creating (married folks, of course)
I've got 3 kids already and I"m only 25..or so..okay..a bit older

TWO Tex-Mex
We know our way around this localized version of Mexico's cuisine

So my friend Tyndall calls me on Sunday morning.
We're playing in Washington D.C. but he leaves me a message.
He says its good news and urgent.
Now, given the above decleration of what occupies the time of Houston folk, I assumed that this was the announcement of child #4 for his family, a rare feet even by Houston standards.

I returned the call, and the excitement was evident in his hello.
"Yes..", I replied.

"You won't believe this. Are you sitting down?"
"Yes.." said me.

"CHUY'S is opening a restuarant that is 2 miles from your house", he screamed into the phone.

I was stunned.
Left motionless and without words to speak.
This WAS big news.
Not child #4 level of news, but close.
Not my Houston Astros win the pennant kind of news.
But big, nonetheless.

You see, Chuy's is the King of Tex-Mex in Houston and it would now be close enough to my humble adobe for me to fulfill my creamy jalapeno sauce cravings whenever i want!

Have you been there?
Fish Tacos are amazing. You have a favorite?
Come on.
I'll buy.
Have a great weekend everybody,


gingerswann said...

aaaaaaaah. the roasted chicken sopapilla drowned in creamy jap sauce is a usual for me... chuy's is THE best tex mex. ever.

and to call chuy's "neighbor" is truly an honor. don't be taking it for granted!

Akinogal said...

See Please Here

Shae said...

I was so sad when Chuy's moved out of the location on Richmond. It was the closest to our house.

I'm so happy for the Seays to have a Chuy's nearby. May the TexMex be with you.

jansen said...

chicken chile rellenos, with creamy jalapeno sauce...good sweet lord we miss houston


robbie seay band said...

surely texarkana has some good tex mex
hope you guys are well
we miss you

brian said...

Chuy's is a favorite..

and you nailed it with the fish taco's they're my favorite for sure....

i'm gonna miss it when i move back to ST. Louis, home of good baseball and bad Tex-Mex.

I guess I'll have to sacrifice the food for a winning team

dreamingBIGdreams said...

oh my goodness .... we LOVE Chuy's! It was our fav when we lived in Houston.

Love it!

Great to meet you/see you (have we met before?) the other night at the Compassion dinner. You wife is wonderful and I am so happy I got to meet her. Now when I read her blog I have a picture of her in my head.

(Aaron Ivey's wife)