March 13, 2008

rsb & oprah's BIG GIVE


As my Irish friend Johnny Parks would say, "we've got a wee bit of news for ya!"
ABC's new show THE BIG GIVE is a huge success, a lovely little show in the spirit of giving and service, and rsb will have a part to play in it.

The band's song NEW DAY will be featured on this sunday's episode, airing at 8pm central time - March 16th.
We're pretty stinking excited about the chance to be involved in the show. Liz and I have watched the last two episodes, and with the exception of the guy who gave a car to the TGI Friday's manager (don't ask), its really a beautiful new series.

gather your friends, family and invite an enemy or two to celebrate a great show and a very exciting opportunity for the band and our next single NEW DAY.

If you haven't heard about the show, or if you have, and can't get enough of it you can see a preview HERE.

As you watch this weekend, I'm also proposing this:


many of you know our involvement with Compassion International, a child sponsorship organization focused on breaking the cycles of poverty for children worldwide.
In weeks past, I've asked you to consider joining us in sponsoring a child that is in serious need of health care, food and education. So many of you have responded and are living life beyond yourselves and giving great intention to the poor and the oppressed around the globe.

We thought since the theme of this tv show is focused on giving and making a difference, we'd return to our plea for you to consider getting involved in a child's life through Compassion. If you'll do that, we'll turn this rsb operation into one BIG GIVE ourselves!

here's how this would work in 4 steps:
1 click HERE to begin searching for a child to sponsor

2 email us at and let us know your story, the name of the child you have chosen to sponsor, your mailing address and your t shirt size

3 plop yourself down in the lazy boy and wait for your mailman to deliver a brand spanking new rsb t shirt, the new cd GIVE YOURSELF AWAY, a lovely rsb sticker & bag of some amazing organic fair trade coffee from houston's own Taft Street Coffee.

4 drink coffee, sport the new threads, get that sticker on your gas guzzler & crank the new tunes


now how can you pass this up?
thanks for being a part of this movement, music & now Oprah's Big Give.

btw, you can help us celebrate by dowloading NEW DAY on iTunes and going HERE and purchasing the ringtone for your cell phone.

thanks for sharing in this good news!




Anonymous said...
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Steven said...

On a slightly unrelated and not as important note from the preceding comment, it's cool that New Day's being played on the show. Congrats.

kq said...

Well, anonymous has certainly given us a volatile and hate-filled rant! If I read the comment correctly, anonymous would either like the wealthy to voluntarily redistribute their wealth to the point that they no longer possess wealth, or anonymous would like the government to forcibly redistribute that wealth. If Oprah, Bill Gates, etc. decided to live as if they were middle class and give away the rest and divest themselves of their multiple investments it would change their lifestyle and provide some temporary relief to others. However, that wealth would then be in the hands of other wealthy individuals who assumed those investments. If the government forcibly redistributes wealth, on the level anonymous appears to be suggesting, we call that socialism. Anonymous might know many economics professors who support socialism; however, I think that they are actually in the minority. Socialism doesn't have a very successful track record.

As the Robby Seay Band is a Christian band (congrats on the exposure guys!)I'll add that there is a Biblical mandate to help the poor in the name of Christ and that "to whom much is given, much is required". However, this is a mandate to the believer not to the world in general. As a believer, I am required to share my wealth (the shirt off my back!); but I cannot require or even expect Oprah, a non-beliver, to do the same thing.

jonathan said...

Way to go, RSB!!

That's great exposure for the Gospel of Christ! And it couldn't be in a better spot...

Not bashing what Oprah is doing in this show, but she has some dangerous views concerning God and Christ. Dangerous, because she and her friends are redefining God and Jesus into what they want him to be, and then proclaiming to be spreading his good news...

Quick example, Oprah is offering "lessons" in spirituality that claim to be the "real" message from God - the book is called A Course in Miracles. Unfortunately, their message is explicitly contrary to the Bible and Christ's good news. For instance, they propose that there is no sin and that Christ's journey to the cross was "useless". Scary stuff because it completely disowns the idea that we need a savior (and that our Savior is Christ!)

Anyway, getting the gospel out in the middle of this context is GREAT!!

Thanks for your passionate devotion to our Lord, and your encouragement to the Christian community (and beyond)!

Mud Puppy said...

Awesome news on both fronts!

I went ahead and let my audience know about the offer on my blog as well.

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