March 11, 2008

Robbie's Best of 2007

i've just walked in the door from a red eye (aka..all nighter) flight from the west coast.

this flight takes place during hours appropriately set aside for sleeping, and yet there we were with a plane load of insomniacs headed home.

its beginning to rain outside which signals i have only a few brief minutes before my eyes close themselves and i hibernate for this entire monday.

i did, however, want to you leave you with our final installment of our best of lists for last year.
i know, its march already - so its time for this little feature on the rsBlog to be put to rest.

1 Best album -
my name is on this website, so I'm picking two
CONTINUUM by John Mayer and IN RAINBOWS by radiohead

2 Least Favorite band member -
that's just wrong..i love them all, mostly in a 'tolerable distant exiled relative' kind of way
tyler is the easiest to pick on..but he's a lovely human being and i commit to lift his spirits in 2008

3 Favorite Tour Stop -
we had some great ones but chesterfield, mo with our friends at windsor crossing just feels like home minus the good tex mex and nappy humidity (thank God)

4 Best Movie -
The Bourne Ultimatum was pretty great, but everybody tells me that ONCE is a great film and i've had that one sitting on my bar for 5 maybe i'll watch tonight and have my life changed forever
There Will Be Blood was amazing and incredibly tragic

5 Most annoying Song -
not sure if this means most annoying rsb song, i hope not..that would be hard to admit though i'm positive we've recorded a few annoying songs through the years
the most annoying song i've heard all year is S.O.S by the Jonas Brothers
sorry fellas, i wish i would have never heard it, though something tells me i'm not quite the target market

6 Favorite member of RSB's management team -
this is tough
j mac is cool and i've never met anybody who knows more people
anywhere we go, people know him - its amazing
but brent takes the honors only because he just looks like a rock star, and frankly - i need that in my life right now - given my lack of rock stardom appearance
brent - thanks for allowing me to hang out and be a part of your entourage

7 Friendliest State -
really? there is no place like texas, but folks don't want to hear our annoying banter on the lone star state
outside of tejas, i'd have to say missouri and alabama
good folks..good folks

8 Favorite Discovery
iphone & marfa,tx

9. favorite Houston restaurant
CHUY'S in years past

10.most likely to succeed (out of rsb)
RYAN because he is already succeeding
we're all losers without him

11 2008 new years resolution(s)
be more like ryan
look like brent
be as popular as j mac
sleep as much as jerry
rock as much as tank
be nice to tyler


Anonymous said...


you picked a good day to blog. in my opinion march 11th is the best day of the year, but im a little biased(its my birthday). Hope all is well bro, I am repping you guys over here in Europe!

-Steven Cutbirth

Phillip said...

Dude, no love for the new Wilco? They played in Houston last weekend and they killed.

I'm definitely with you on Radiohead -In Rainbows is my #1 for the year. By the way - they're playing in Texas twice in May.