March 24, 2008

donkey diapers?

Here's the scene: It's Palm Sunday and RSB was the guest band at a church here in Houston, a great community that is considered large and influential around these parts.

As we begin our first song of the morning, suddenly a large donkey appears and enters the back door, proceeding slowly down the aisle, carrying a man who only slightly resembled even our western ideas of Jesus appearance.
(he actually looked like Robin Williams to me)

After the initial shock of seeing a farm animal in a chapel, I recognized the scene as reminiscent of early childhood days in church easter pageants.
However, i could not escape the question that surely was looming on most everyone mind that day: what if the donkey goes "poo"?
i know, its childish and I should be more spiritual in such a moment.


It's a really nice church and that carpet is really light.
Even Stanley Steamer the carpet cleaner would struggle with such a stain.

After the gathering, I cornered one of the staff guys and posed the important inquiry to him. his response?



Well, apparently this dilemma and is not isolated to Houston,Tx alone.
No, it's global.

Read below:

"Villagers in the Kenyan town of Limuru are angry over an order from the council that their donkeys must henceforth wear nappies, in an attempt to keep the streets clean.

I was contemplating what it must be like to live in a society that was dependent on donkeys instead of on tractors or motorised transport and I was thinking how a matter that is very serious to the villagers in Kenya (or Iraq) would be laughable here in the UK. I was wrong.

It turns out that Great Yarmouth council tried to force nappies onto the horses that take tourists for rides along the seafront. The owners were having none of it and in a court case the magistrates ruled against the council."


Well there you go.
All you donkey owners out there had better get with the times and order your a** some nappies.

Good day from the nappie free zone of rsb land.


aaron ivey said...

hahaha...hilarious. can't wait to get one of those for my ass.

you are now linked, my rsblogging friend...

BUSH said...

this is awesome! that reminds me of back in the days of small town texas when they'd have donkey basketball? or am i the only one that experienced that. unbelievable.

i guess ryan could make some nifty road case for all of those diapers. tell the boys i said hello.

robbie seay band said...

donkey basketball

i've been to a few of these
what in the world?

strange days..and those donkeys had nothing between floor and their crap

hope all is well bush!

dustin Beasley said...

Did you know that China has the largest donkey population in the world estimated at 11 million?
Now that is a lot of diapers!

brody said...

Nice... do they make them for dogs and other smaller animals?

Pam M. said...

Ahhh.....donkey poo. We actually had that happen at our church some years back, during one of our Christmas shows. That year, we put together a huge Christmas outreach, what I guess you'd call an extravagnza, and someone got the bright idea to use LIVE ANIMALS for the Nativity scene. I got a way too up close and personal view of the donkey's "accident" as it strode past me, carrying Mary. Stain couldn't be removed, new carpet had to be ordered. Donkey Pampers would have been SO welcomed back then. Hee haw!!