March 19, 2008

the rsb BIG GIVE

We were beyond thrilled to see so many responses to our RSB Big Give, in partnership with our friends at Compassion International. Compassion is helping rescue children from the cycle of poverty and disease worldwide, and only does so with friends like you who choose to get personally involved in a child’s life to be an agent of rescue. I’ve told you my story with our little girl Annet in Uganda.

Here are some stories we heard over the weekend:


>Our family has been meaning to sponsor a Compassion child for some time. Thank you for giving us the extra encouragement today to just go ahead and do it. We will be sponsoring Yulitza Geoconda Sanchez Anchundia, an eight year old from Ecuador. We chose her because she had been waiting for over sixth months and was from a Spanish speaking country. 3/4’s of our family of 4 is from Mexico and we like the idea of being able to write letters in Spanish. We have been listening to Robbie Seay Band since Mom read Don Miller’s Through Painted Deserts. Thanks for the beautiful music.



My daughter, Lillian is turning 6 in May and I thought it would be nice to sponser and pray for a child who shares the same birth date. So we are together sponsering Kayesu Esiteri from Rwanda, whose birthdate is May 5, 2002, just like Lily’s. She lies with her mother and 2 siblings.

Thanks for spreading the word. It was easy and heartbreaking all at the same time!

Oklahoma City,OK


Hi! My name is Lindsey Williams and I’m a 20 year old college student/intern living in Colorado Springs, CO. It’s humorous and slightly convicting that I literally live right up the street from the Compassion International office buildings here in the Springs, but I have never had the desire or really even thought about sponsoring a Compassion child.

I decided that it’s not enough I simply drive past their building everyday. So I chose to sponsor a little girl named Marion Waniku. She is 7 years old and she lives with her parents who both have AIDS in Kenya. She has 7 brothers and sisters that she helps her mother take care of. She is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to get that first letter from her. Thanks for that extra push I needed to get out there and doing something to help others!

Colorado Springs, CO


Hey Guys,
You guys inspired me to sponsor two children. I’m a third grade teacher at a private Christian school, and I think that it’s important to expose my students to things going on outside of their little bubble. My hope is for them to reach out through prayer, giving, and letter writing to these children in Africa. Thanks for promoting such a great cause!!!

Poway, CA


Its not too late to join us and receive the Big Give thank you package
(shirt, cd, sticker, organic fair trade cofffee & book).

Click HERE, begin searching for your child to sponsor & then email us at with your address, shirt size & story about your new child.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us.

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Toiling Ant said...

We excitedly received our package last week- amazingly only a few days after I emailed our Compassion story! Thank you SO much, we are enjoying everything!