March 26, 2008


I love burgers.
Coca Cola i'm fond of as well, though i've not had one in 3 months because the severe addiction was turning me into tons of fun.
But burgers? still a joyous part of my not so healthy diet.

Since i travel so much, i thought i would ask the fine folks who stumble across these ramblings to share with me their favorite burger joint and where its located.
Such a list is vital to friendship between us all.

My favorites?

1. Cafe Express - Houston,Tx
blue cheese/bacon burger with lots of onions

Your turn.


March 24, 2008

donkey diapers?

Here's the scene: It's Palm Sunday and RSB was the guest band at a church here in Houston, a great community that is considered large and influential around these parts.

As we begin our first song of the morning, suddenly a large donkey appears and enters the back door, proceeding slowly down the aisle, carrying a man who only slightly resembled even our western ideas of Jesus appearance.
(he actually looked like Robin Williams to me)

After the initial shock of seeing a farm animal in a chapel, I recognized the scene as reminiscent of early childhood days in church easter pageants.
However, i could not escape the question that surely was looming on most everyone mind that day: what if the donkey goes "poo"?
i know, its childish and I should be more spiritual in such a moment.


It's a really nice church and that carpet is really light.
Even Stanley Steamer the carpet cleaner would struggle with such a stain.

After the gathering, I cornered one of the staff guys and posed the important inquiry to him. his response?



Well, apparently this dilemma and is not isolated to Houston,Tx alone.
No, it's global.

Read below:

"Villagers in the Kenyan town of Limuru are angry over an order from the council that their donkeys must henceforth wear nappies, in an attempt to keep the streets clean.

I was contemplating what it must be like to live in a society that was dependent on donkeys instead of on tractors or motorised transport and I was thinking how a matter that is very serious to the villagers in Kenya (or Iraq) would be laughable here in the UK. I was wrong.

It turns out that Great Yarmouth council tried to force nappies onto the horses that take tourists for rides along the seafront. The owners were having none of it and in a court case the magistrates ruled against the council."


Well there you go.
All you donkey owners out there had better get with the times and order your a** some nappies.

Good day from the nappie free zone of rsb land.

March 19, 2008

the rsb BIG GIVE

We were beyond thrilled to see so many responses to our RSB Big Give, in partnership with our friends at Compassion International. Compassion is helping rescue children from the cycle of poverty and disease worldwide, and only does so with friends like you who choose to get personally involved in a child’s life to be an agent of rescue. I’ve told you my story with our little girl Annet in Uganda.

Here are some stories we heard over the weekend:


>Our family has been meaning to sponsor a Compassion child for some time. Thank you for giving us the extra encouragement today to just go ahead and do it. We will be sponsoring Yulitza Geoconda Sanchez Anchundia, an eight year old from Ecuador. We chose her because she had been waiting for over sixth months and was from a Spanish speaking country. 3/4’s of our family of 4 is from Mexico and we like the idea of being able to write letters in Spanish. We have been listening to Robbie Seay Band since Mom read Don Miller’s Through Painted Deserts. Thanks for the beautiful music.



My daughter, Lillian is turning 6 in May and I thought it would be nice to sponser and pray for a child who shares the same birth date. So we are together sponsering Kayesu Esiteri from Rwanda, whose birthdate is May 5, 2002, just like Lily’s. She lies with her mother and 2 siblings.

Thanks for spreading the word. It was easy and heartbreaking all at the same time!

Oklahoma City,OK


Hi! My name is Lindsey Williams and I’m a 20 year old college student/intern living in Colorado Springs, CO. It’s humorous and slightly convicting that I literally live right up the street from the Compassion International office buildings here in the Springs, but I have never had the desire or really even thought about sponsoring a Compassion child.

I decided that it’s not enough I simply drive past their building everyday. So I chose to sponsor a little girl named Marion Waniku. She is 7 years old and she lives with her parents who both have AIDS in Kenya. She has 7 brothers and sisters that she helps her mother take care of. She is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to get that first letter from her. Thanks for that extra push I needed to get out there and doing something to help others!

Colorado Springs, CO


Hey Guys,
You guys inspired me to sponsor two children. I’m a third grade teacher at a private Christian school, and I think that it’s important to expose my students to things going on outside of their little bubble. My hope is for them to reach out through prayer, giving, and letter writing to these children in Africa. Thanks for promoting such a great cause!!!

Poway, CA


Its not too late to join us and receive the Big Give thank you package
(shirt, cd, sticker, organic fair trade cofffee & book).

Click HERE, begin searching for your child to sponsor & then email us at with your address, shirt size & story about your new child.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us.

March 13, 2008

rsb & oprah's BIG GIVE


As my Irish friend Johnny Parks would say, "we've got a wee bit of news for ya!"
ABC's new show THE BIG GIVE is a huge success, a lovely little show in the spirit of giving and service, and rsb will have a part to play in it.

The band's song NEW DAY will be featured on this sunday's episode, airing at 8pm central time - March 16th.
We're pretty stinking excited about the chance to be involved in the show. Liz and I have watched the last two episodes, and with the exception of the guy who gave a car to the TGI Friday's manager (don't ask), its really a beautiful new series.

gather your friends, family and invite an enemy or two to celebrate a great show and a very exciting opportunity for the band and our next single NEW DAY.

If you haven't heard about the show, or if you have, and can't get enough of it you can see a preview HERE.

As you watch this weekend, I'm also proposing this:


many of you know our involvement with Compassion International, a child sponsorship organization focused on breaking the cycles of poverty for children worldwide.
In weeks past, I've asked you to consider joining us in sponsoring a child that is in serious need of health care, food and education. So many of you have responded and are living life beyond yourselves and giving great intention to the poor and the oppressed around the globe.

We thought since the theme of this tv show is focused on giving and making a difference, we'd return to our plea for you to consider getting involved in a child's life through Compassion. If you'll do that, we'll turn this rsb operation into one BIG GIVE ourselves!

here's how this would work in 4 steps:
1 click HERE to begin searching for a child to sponsor

2 email us at and let us know your story, the name of the child you have chosen to sponsor, your mailing address and your t shirt size

3 plop yourself down in the lazy boy and wait for your mailman to deliver a brand spanking new rsb t shirt, the new cd GIVE YOURSELF AWAY, a lovely rsb sticker & bag of some amazing organic fair trade coffee from houston's own Taft Street Coffee.

4 drink coffee, sport the new threads, get that sticker on your gas guzzler & crank the new tunes


now how can you pass this up?
thanks for being a part of this movement, music & now Oprah's Big Give.

btw, you can help us celebrate by dowloading NEW DAY on iTunes and going HERE and purchasing the ringtone for your cell phone.

thanks for sharing in this good news!



March 11, 2008

Robbie's Best of 2007

i've just walked in the door from a red eye (aka..all nighter) flight from the west coast.

this flight takes place during hours appropriately set aside for sleeping, and yet there we were with a plane load of insomniacs headed home.

its beginning to rain outside which signals i have only a few brief minutes before my eyes close themselves and i hibernate for this entire monday.

i did, however, want to you leave you with our final installment of our best of lists for last year.
i know, its march already - so its time for this little feature on the rsBlog to be put to rest.

1 Best album -
my name is on this website, so I'm picking two
CONTINUUM by John Mayer and IN RAINBOWS by radiohead

2 Least Favorite band member -
that's just wrong..i love them all, mostly in a 'tolerable distant exiled relative' kind of way
tyler is the easiest to pick on..but he's a lovely human being and i commit to lift his spirits in 2008

3 Favorite Tour Stop -
we had some great ones but chesterfield, mo with our friends at windsor crossing just feels like home minus the good tex mex and nappy humidity (thank God)

4 Best Movie -
The Bourne Ultimatum was pretty great, but everybody tells me that ONCE is a great film and i've had that one sitting on my bar for 5 maybe i'll watch tonight and have my life changed forever
There Will Be Blood was amazing and incredibly tragic

5 Most annoying Song -
not sure if this means most annoying rsb song, i hope not..that would be hard to admit though i'm positive we've recorded a few annoying songs through the years
the most annoying song i've heard all year is S.O.S by the Jonas Brothers
sorry fellas, i wish i would have never heard it, though something tells me i'm not quite the target market

6 Favorite member of RSB's management team -
this is tough
j mac is cool and i've never met anybody who knows more people
anywhere we go, people know him - its amazing
but brent takes the honors only because he just looks like a rock star, and frankly - i need that in my life right now - given my lack of rock stardom appearance
brent - thanks for allowing me to hang out and be a part of your entourage

7 Friendliest State -
really? there is no place like texas, but folks don't want to hear our annoying banter on the lone star state
outside of tejas, i'd have to say missouri and alabama
good folks..good folks

8 Favorite Discovery
iphone & marfa,tx

9. favorite Houston restaurant
CHUY'S in years past

10.most likely to succeed (out of rsb)
RYAN because he is already succeeding
we're all losers without him

11 2008 new years resolution(s)
be more like ryan
look like brent
be as popular as j mac
sleep as much as jerry
rock as much as tank
be nice to tyler

March 3, 2008

Tyler's best of 07

Well, no band is complete with having the one member who is obviously in the band solely based on his looks. He's the guy in the band that isn't very talented but who's good looks make up for it. This member is usually referred to as the looker, the heartthrob, the dream boat, the chick magnet, the stud muffin, or the lady killer.

Tyler Halford is that member for Rsb.

Besides playing keys for Rsb Tyler stays busy taking showers, studying bass underneath the phenomenal bass player Brent Nettles, and assisting our guitar player Jerry in his studio.

He is a good man, and he is loved by the whole RSB family.

Here is the best of 07 according to Joe Tyler Halford.

Tyler's 07

1 Best album - Young Modern - Silverchair

2 Least Favorite band member - Define "member" I guess Ryan is my only option? 

3 Favorite Tour Stop - Biloxi, MS 

4 Best Movie - Into The Wild

5 Most annoying Song - Hinder - Lips of an Angel - this also counts as worst song of my entire life.

6 Favorite member of RSB's management  team - Brent definitely Brent for sure. He is so cool. He is my best friend. I wish I could be more like him. He is good looking. Brent Nettles, what a guy. 

7 Friendliest State - Tennessee cause Johnny Rocked our Van when we broke down.

8 Favorite Discovery - Man Vs Wild 

9. favorite houston restaurant - Lupes Tortilla (they make a tasty fajita)

10.most likely to succeed (out of rsb) - Coach obviously, he's already succeeded at bass and ebay and other things like making cases.

11 2008 new years resolution(s) - To become the next American Idol. Or maybe just start with becoming a member of RSB!

March 1, 2008



tickets at the door!