February 21, 2008

Chickens, a new dress & the kingdom of God?

This is Annet.
She got a new dress.
Not the one pictured, but a new red one.
and a new pair of shoes.
and some soda.
and some photos taken of her family.
and..a chicken for her father.

Uh, yes ... a chicken.

My wife Liz sent Annet, our sponsor child in Uganda, $10 last month as a small gift.
I had no idea.
What's ten bucks these days?
$9 got me a ticket to see a film last night.
$10 gets me a chick fil a #1 value size and piece of cheesecake.
I have to admit, a lot of times i hand over my card to the clerk and have no idea the amount being charged.
that's horrible, i know.

But that extra money for Annet, on top of the 32 bucks we send every month, was huge for her family.

I received a letter in the mail this week from Annet herself, thanking "Sir Robbie Seay" for the generosity that has meant so much to her family.
Are you kidding?
My heart wanted to fall to the ground.

I'm a selfish credit card swiping American gorging myself on chicken sandwiches and living my life oblivious to the fact that my more generous wife had sent some extra money to Annet her family half way around the planet.
And she was thanking me?
(trust me, the good in my family comes from Liz)

This letter, written on purple notebook paper, has derailed my thoughts and priorities today and reminded me why i got involved with a group like Compassion International in the first place.

God has called me to something more than just music, more than my neighborhood, more than my comforts. The Kingdom of God is a new dress & and a chicken for her - not credit cards and chicken sandwiches for me.
(no offense to the folks at chick fil a who play rsb in their fine establishments).

God is calling us all to be a part of seeing His kingdom coming to earth, just like it exists in heaven.
that prayer - that calling begins with the poor and the oppressed.

Compassion International works exclusively with local communities around the globe - specifically churches in villages and communities in 24 countries, rescuing close to 1 million children from poverty. My $32 a month helps my specific child, Annet, in Uganda participate in programs that educate her, feed her and shares the story of the love and hope found in the gospels.

i'm asking you to consider joining me in sponsoring a child today.
many of us long to be a part of breaking the cycles of poverty and oppression but have lacked the resource to do so.
here is your first step.

look for a child to sponsor


*btw, if you already sponsor a child - please share your story. post a comment telling us about your child, their culture and some about your relationship with him/her.


Rachel said...

great story about the $10. I had no idea you could send them extra $$s. Did you send it through compassion or a check? What did you send? I love this change of perspective. It is DEFINITELY KINGDOM of God thinking to die to ourselves (ourselves that are consumed by stuff) and start being consumed by the things that God would have us focus on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robbie.

Anyone else have a story about Compassion International to tell? Blog it and then go here and follow the directions to get it read by everyone else.


Jason Dittle said...
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Jason Dittle said...
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Marlers said...

sounds like a great idea for a song!! : )

Sterling Griggs said...

Robbie, I have been reading the book "Girl Soldier" that you endorsed (got it from you when you were in Yadkinville last year) and I also just finished watching "God Grew Tired of Us" (already read that book). It reminds me just how selfish my lifestyle is and how humbling it must be to live day-to-day. We as God's people must not rely on our govt., the UN, or any other totality to reach out to these people - we have to go and give ourselves.

Jeff Patterson said...

Our boy is Fiston from Rwanda. He was only 8 when I first sponsored him, and I guess you can saw I brought him along into marriage to my wife... She of course embraced the idea (and Fiston!) and writes to him more than I do. Now that we have a son of our own, I think about the preciousness of our boy, and of Fiston growing up without a Dad. Glad we can play a small part in his life.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Lynn and I have sponsored childen through World Vision and Compassion for over 10 years. Blood water mission is a great way too. You can give 12 months worth of water to an African for $1. Amazing....we have so much....my gut is always full...while the rest of the world longs for something to put in their's. No gulit trip...just a reality call...we have much to give..it is such a privledge and joy to give when we have being so much....Craig Julian