February 13, 2008

Jmac's Best of 07

Jeremy "Jmac" McCasland, at the age of three, became the youngest child to be accepted into the Mickey Mouse Club. He went on to be a Broadway star, a winner of three Latin Grammy Awards, and co-writer of many hit singles in the eighties with artists such as: Jermaine Jackson, Air Supply, Diana Ross and Bruce Springsteen. He did all this before his thirteenth birthday.

Jmac is the most popular person on the planet and I guarantee he knows someone in your family. He’s been a good friend for over ten years, drives the official car of RSB, Kia, and manages RSB. And he's good at it.

This is the Best Of 07, according to Jmac:

Best album
3 way tie: "It's Not Big It's Large" Lyle Lovett, "My Holiday" Mindy Smith, and "Chase this Light" Jimmy Eat World

Least Favorite band member
All the guys are super but if I had to choose a "least favorite" it would most definitely be the Fall Tour Van. So glad we sold that piece of diesel poop (don't forget diesel, jerry). I hope the new owner is not reading this!

Favorite Tour Stop
Austin, TX.. mexican food.. seth woods.. need i say more?

Best Movie
"High School Musical 2".. oh wait, that was Robbie's.. mine was “3:10 to Yuma”

Most annoying Song
"Crank Dat Soldier Boy" By Soulja Boy

Favorite member of RSB's management team
little B!

Friendliest State
the great state of TEXAS!

Favorite Discovery in 07
Dexter (best show on tv)

Most likely to succeed out of RSB
robbie vs ryan (arm wrestling competition) watch for this on the blog!

New years resolution
RSB reaches #1 on radio charts, to get Robbie to take more than one shower a week, and to beat Ryan in a marathon!

Favorite Houston Restaurant
Ya Ya Mary's (try the chicken souvlaki)


Anonymous said...

Love you guys' music. Such an an encouragement and a breath of fresh air in the worship scene. Thanks! Check out www.lost.eu/721fe for answers.

Erin said...

Yes! J-mac, I love your "best-of's"! And I love the little introduction to who you are. And I love that Austin is your favorite stop because Seth is there. That just makes me laugh. I miss your face!

Matt and Meredith said...

Hey Jeremy! Not only were you part of the Mickey Mouse Club, but you also had the only standing ovation solo at the Met's musical "Friends Forever" back in the late eighties! We miss ya. We were thinking about you a while back. Touch base with us if you get this!.....(Matt & Meredith Coleman)..... www.mm-coleman.blogspot.com or

Anonymous said...


Is your dad Roger McCasland? Is the "Met" Metropolitan Baptist Church? If so, I worked for your dad there. Also, my son Chase was and still is somewhat) a part of rsb.

Cindy Jenkins

Anonymous said...

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