February 8, 2008

Jerry's Best of 07

Jerry Nettles hails from the Apalachian mountains, where he spent years widdling arrowheads and playing banjo with his cousins moses and jethro in the local pubs.

His story is not unlike yours and mine, though he rarely speaks about the two years he spent working the nightshift at ihop in West Virginia, a season in his life he often refers to quite sincerly as the "rooty tooty fresh and fruity" years.

He loves bears, english literature, vanilla ice, and hearing himself speak aloud in rooms that have distinct acoustical architecture.

and oh, by the way, he plays a lovely guitar for the rsb and we love him dearly.

he is the great, Jerry Nettles - and this is his best of 2007 list.

1 Best album -paolo nutini

2 Least Favorite band member - Robbie

3 Favorite Tour Stop - Austin

4 Best Movie - Live Free or Die Hard

5 Most annoying Song - I'm A Soldier (our opening song)

6 Favorite member of RSB's management team - Robbie

7 Friendliest State - Mississippi (biloxi)

8 Favorite Discovery - The Front Porch

9. Most likely to succeed out of RSB - Not Ryan

10. New years resolutions - Join A New Band

11. Favorite Houston Restaurant- Mi Luna


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