February 6, 2008

Flllaava Flave!!!!!!

So not everyone can have a brush with greatness, or get to hang out with
the coolest of cool celebrities........ you know, the A list (Reality
Show) Celebrities.

Well as I was scanning the magazine rack at the Denver airport a few
weeks ago I looked up and saw a man who personifies the before
mentioned "Reality Show Greatness."

It was....... Flava Flave!!!!!

Now he was not on the cover of a tabloid or music magazine, he was
standing right next to me! He is not hard to locate in a crowd with
his huge clock he wears around his neck and the pink and black
striped fur coat he was wearing with full pride.

Now I can't say I'm even really sure why he is famous, I know he was
in the rap group Public Enemy back in the day, but why is he famous
now? We've all seen him on various reality shows on MTV and VH1
(anyone find it strange that these shows no longer actually play
music videos) although I'm not sure why?

Anyway, here is my photo proof of the encounter. He was a nice guy
and insisted on a picture with me and my beautiful wife Leslie and
our daughter Avery.



1 comment:

amber said...

that's awesome! haha totally random how people see "celebrities." And I also wonder how he's a celebrity...