February 25, 2008

welcome to the rsb party - BRENT THE GREAT!

It's that time again..
the next installment of RSB's best of 2007!
This week we shine the spotlight on the very talented and youngest member of the RSB management team, Brent Nettles. He is the newest guy to be inducted into the crazy world of RSB and we love having him on board.

Brent's love for chicken tenders, french fries and hot dogs keeps us all young and in shape! When he's not running the RSB office, he's running marathons, playing in the Houston Tennis & Polo Leagues, as well as, designing all the RSB apparel.

Some day he'll be the President of the United States but until then, you'll find him as the President of the RSB Fan Club.
Here's the best of 2007 according to Sir Brent Nettles:

1 Best album - Either "In Rainbows" by Raidiohead, or "Easy Tiger" by Ryan Adams,

2 Least Favorite band member - Jerry.

3 Favorite Tour Stop - Biloxi was the most profitable, and D.C. was a lot of fun - but my favorite stop had to be at Sheetz in PA.

4 Best Movie - That's a tough question
here's my top five:

-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
-The Darjeeling Limited
-No Country for Old men

5 Most annoying Song -
Though there is great musical genius displayed in the lyrics "Yeah, I'm wit da shop boyz - You know what we do, I'm surfin' screamin' kowabonga TOTALLY DUDE!!"
and by repeating the lyric "party like a rock star" one billion times in three minutes is unprecedented - It is still my most annoying song of 07, "Party Like a Rock Star" by Shop Boyz.

6 Favorite member of RSB's management team - We aren't really a team. Jmac does all the work. So i would have to say . . . Ryan.

7 Friendliest State - Alabama.

8 Favorite Discovery - Ryan Booth

9. Favorite Houston Restaurant - Front Porch.

10. Most likely to succeed out of RSB - Jerry

11. New years resolutions - Try more foods. Travel more. Get a new job.

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your totally hot... are you single??