January 31, 2008

RYAN OWENS, bass player of the year!!!

welcome back to our lovely corner of blogdom.
today, we're spotlighting and awarding BPOTY honors to none other than our very own, sir RYAN OWENS.
Known simply as COACH to his bandmates and close friends alike, Ryan has recently drawn the attention of many around the US, becoming prolific in changing out alternators in really crappy diesel vans in 20 minutes or less. (note blog entry from late fall in which our piece of junk broke down, only to have ryan and a strange, yet lovely man named Johnny come to the rescue)

Now, this is an unofficial award that is voted on by no one person and come to find out, only I am aware of its mere existence.
Nonetheless, no bass player on the planet has as many basses, runs half marathons with little prep time, and could be a pro skater if he wasn't old enough now to be Tank's father and primary caregiver.

so without further ado, i give you a retrospective peek into the mind of the great Ryan Owens - our second installment of the rsb 'best of 2007' mini-blogumentary.

Best album - Derek Webb "The Ringing Bell"

Least Favorite band member - Jerry (for what he did to the van.."dude, that's messed up")

Favorite Tour Stop
- anywhere with a skatepark

Best Movie - Grace is Gone

Most annoying Song
- Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Favorite member of RSB's mgmt. team - Jearent

Friendliest State
- whatever state Cole the Drummer resides

Best Houston restaurant - Perry's Steakhouse

Favorite Discovery
- Tank's back popping mad skills

Most likely to succeed out of RSB
- JMAC - he is nice, smart and good looking

New years resolutions
- Already broke it :(

As we look forward to 2008, this band does not exist without our friend and yours, Mr. Owens. Raise your glass wherever you are to the king of earth shattering low end and bass guitar solos!
Here, Here.

**and we couldn't resist giving you a taste of ryan's 'other' gig. play that funky music..you know it!
By the way, that's me bringing down the house on trumpet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob.

But you know you can't play the trumpet...... but if you want to borrow mine you can.

What do I get for my trophy for the BPOTY Award?


Dale Best said...

Where did Ryan get that sweet Dave Matthews Band t-shirt?


Phillip Hintze said...

Dude, I'm pretty sure that's an alto sax - Charlie Parker, I think.