January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr.

its an important day in our country because of what Dr. King stood and fought for, not only for African Americans, but for all of us who value justice and peace.
As a band, we visited the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, AL and walked through history with Dr. King and all who were a part of transforming this nation into a free and open society for all.
next time you're in Birmingham, you should stop by and visit the museum.

Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time; the need for mankind to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.
MLK Jr., December 11, 1964

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
MLK Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

The church was not merely a thermometer that recorded the ideas and principles of popular opinion; it was a thermostat that transformed the mores of society.
MLK Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 1963

Now, I say to you today my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: - 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'
MLK Jr., Speech at Civil Rights March on Washington, August 28, 1963