January 25, 2008

good friends & the BEST bbq!

I've just returned from Kingsville, TX where i shared music with friends at Texas ATM-Kingsville.
I had a great time with my friend Mike Cervantes and feasted on the best bbq anywhere in the country, i promise!
the great Joe Cotten's.

You know i love a good meal with friends and this was a redneck culinary highlight of 2008.
Jessica Simpson brought her Dallas Cowboy friend Mr. Romo to Joe's last week (though i've heard they are no longer an item, so hope the bbq wasn't a factor)
By the time they left, the waiter told us, half the town was waiting in the parking lot.

the rain and cold of south texas was all that greeted me as i walked towards our car, but i was a happy man.

thanks to everybody in Kingsville. I love heading south, especially to be on campus with you guys.

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Anonymous said...

thats cool that ya'll like Texas and all but you need to visit Tennessee more... i can't hardly get out of town, much less the state... my church LOVES your band and were at the youth conference in december in Pigeon Forge, TN... ya'll rock and keep up the good work...