January 14, 2008

dilemma - the fast food tip?

i love sonic.
cherry limeade's.
cheese tater tots.
vanilla malt.

i do know for a fact that my friend david crowder eats foot long chili cheese coneys coneys covered in mustard.
that's just gross.

but here's the big dilemna - do i tip?

the dude that walks 10 feet to bring me the meal of champions seems nice enough, but does that stroll justify a tip? really?

if we're going to start tipping fast food employees, it should be the amazing well oiled chicken serving machine at my local chick-fil-a.
these guys rock!
they're efficient and they do that one illusive fast food task that no other chain seems to do ever - they get the order right!

i would like to clarify one excepton in that i would tip anyone who serves me a beverage or meal while roller skating.
you see that occasionally and that seems tipable enough.
if they wipe out carrying my order, even more for the mere entertainment of it all.

so, do you tip at sonic? and what should this be costing me - 10%? 15%?

Though it seems trivial, this is important. we need to be in agreement the next time we go the great american drive in and cast our generosity on the wait staff.

and with that, i bid you all a grand week!


Mud Puppy said...

Wow. I knew you guys rocked, but mentioning two of my all time favorite things (DCB + Sonic) in one post just skyrockets you to infamous levels!

I tip, but I don't go overboard. Keep the change type tips. Unless I have an overly complicated order for a van full of ravenously hungry sonic goers. Then I tack on a couple bucks.

Mud Puppy said...

Sonic posts

DCB posts

portorikan said...

I don't usually tip. Now, when I was in Texas (where my wife is from) she said that she tipped/ used to tip in high school.

I think that's ridiculous. It's a fastfood joint and the notion was ridiculous to me. Now, if they wanna skate and you're feeling generous, sure, but in general, no.

Anonymous said...

Do not go to Sonic. They are one of many companies furthering the culture of death. Did you know that the following corporations are boycott targets?

Basics Office Products, Whole Foods Market, JPMorgan Chase (including Chase Bank, & Bank One), Bank of America, Lost Arrow (Patagonia), Wells Fargo, CCA Global (Carpet One, Flooring America, Flooring Canada, Flooring One, Lighting One, etc.), Chevron (including Caltex, Xpress Lube, & Texaco), eBay (including PayPal), OSI Restaurant Partners (Outback Steakhouse, etc.), Marriott (including Courtyard Hotels, Fairfield Inn, Renaissance Hotels & Inns, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, etc.), Valero (Beacon, Ultramar, etc.), and Sonic (drive-in restaurants). And this is just a partial list! Check out http://www.fightpp.org/

brandon.marler said...

This is funny, Robbie! just went thru Sonic today...the drive-thru line, and tipped $1 for (2) drinks...guess I'm just old-school...spent too much time cruising the Sonic in Tomball to not feel obligated.

However, my stomach has been rocked several times by the Sonic D.I.'s in good ole Tomball & Magnolia!!

Aaron said...

if it a really cold or hot day i'll tip. SO in Houston you'll be tipping a lot!

guess i'm just cheap!

kstinson3 said...

Smiling since reading about The Robbie Seay Band in The Houston Chronicle. Shared joy with students---you have many fans!

Been wearing the t-shirt you sent but had no idea so much more was happening. WOW!

You're on my bulletin board and I'm spreading the word and songs...

Now, to the dilemma. I tip at Sonic. Many of the kids are saving for college or helping to pay the bills at home. I've seen teenage life change dramatically in the last 10 years; I still rally for the kids.

My son is hooked on Sonic cherry limeade, too.

You're still one of my favorites.

Sarah said...

I tip if they're on skates or if I am forced to park in one of the far away stations. If I go through drive-thru I don't. Maybe I'm cheap but I don't feel like giving them extra money just for walking up and giving me my ocean water, which is way better than a cherry limeaid :)