September 28, 2007

The new album Give Yourself Away is available now and you can purchase it though the new SNOCAP store on the RSB myspace. You can go to our myspace to preview the new album in the music player, and then purchase whatever tracks you want directly from the SNOCAP store below. Check it out!

September 21, 2007

i had no idea.
my friend matt maher sent me this pic.
he says its my catholic clone.
who knew

September 20, 2007

on tuesday night, we joined our friends in aggieland for BREAKAWAY.
this was some random display of the pres and first lady enjoying an atm tailgate party or something.
i had to join in the fun.
we'll be back in college station next tuesday night at central baptist.
come join us.
good day.

September 17, 2007

robbie here.
we've been jumping up and down excited for weeks now about the response to the new album "GIVE YOURSELF AWAY"
thanks to everybody who purchased the record, told friends about the record, tatooed RSB on their ankle, etc..

we've been traveling a lot over the last month, and though we loved playing the new music and meeting many of you fine folk - its been very exhausting for us.

i'm writing today to ask for your help.
there are several things that you can do that will be huge in sharing the music of rsb with more people than ever

you game?

here goes:

1. purchase the new album
. seems simple, but means so much to us and hopefully you'll enjoy the new music
if you own a copy, consider purchasing the album on itunes as a gift. you can actually purchase the rsb cd for 7.99 as a gift for someone.
click on BUY ITUNES GIFT on the main page to find out more.

2. help us spread the word
rsb has always been a WORD OF MOUTH band.
we're not real flashy and rock starred out.
we're just normal guys and most folks here about our music from friends.
this is where you can play a huge role
consider the following:
emailing your entire address book
blog about rsb
tell your church, student group, college campus group, etc..about rsb

*remember 3 things: , 7.99 on itunes (includes a bonus track with the SHANES), and a cd can be purchased at

3. come see us
we'll be traveling all over the country over the next year
check our site or myspace and make an effort to come say hello and hear rsb live
brandon heath is our guest this fall and you don't want to miss him as well

thanks everybody
this is an exciting time for all of us and we're glad to have you in the family!

September 14, 2007

RSB Fitness World 2007

after two long weeks of cd release events, rsb is back in houston.
we've had a blast playing the new album so far and are preparing to head back out very soon.

as i traveled last week, my wife called with 2 demands : take her on vacation and exercise more.

and so, i just returned from a 2 mile jog and i feel as if the world will soon fall upon my head.
i know this may just flat out shock most of you, but ... i'm out of shape!
i got these new shoes, you see, and i was thinking maybe they would provide the competitive edge that i needed as i prepare for a 5k run that my wife has signed me up for.
i just need to run more, pretty basic i guess.

so here's what i'm asking: how can i pass the time better as i run?
surely some of you fine folk have some good advice for a poor lad like me
do you listen to music? do you daydream? do you count steps?
i don't know..i'm just looking for some help here, people

much love from rsb fitness world 2007

September 4, 2007

Dallas show TOMORROW!

hey everybody.
i hope you avoided most tasks of manual labor on this labor day.
rsb enjoyed a few days off but we're really excited about tomorrow's show in DALLAS.
we'll be at the village church, 7pm and tickets are available online at and at the door.
of course our songwriting pal, Brandon Heath, will be with us again.

If you live in Dallas, have friends in Dallas or have ever heard of the metroplex at all - help us spread the word about wednesday's show.

blessings and hope to see you all at some point during this fall tour,