November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

we had a great time in Seattle with the Christian Musician Summit.

thanks to Bruce and Matt for bringing us all the way to the Northwest!
it was good to be there with Tim Hughes and Lincoln Brewster, great guys!

where ever you might be, we hope you enjoy Thanksgiving.
eat some turkey for us!



Matt in StL said...

Wanted to say thanks for the shows in StL over the weekend. Loved Friday night and really appreciated you keeping your promise and performing Better Days on Sunday at Windsor. It meant a lot. It was great! Will keep spreading the word about RSB. Happy Thanksgiving.

Rob said...

Hey this has nothing to do with this post, but I think a lot of people are wondering how you get some of the sounds you got on the new album. seen some supposed shots of your gear, looks like a ts-808 reissue and a bbe comp. through some kind of fender. what amp is that and what delays do you use?

Noah said...

Hey! They just started playing "Song of Hope" here in Cleveland...any chance of a concert up here anytime soon????

Batiansila News Service said...

Dear guys,

I just bought your album this weekend and it's been haunting my head since then. So I pulled up at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee today and got out of the car. If you feel lost, sing along. Shoved my hands in my pockets and started following signs to the Kid's Heart Center. My unborn daughter has a heart defect. Oh my God, shine your light on us, that she might live.

The screen sat there darkened while we waited for the doctor to arrive. I've been broken down. The doctor confirmed the defect and showed us the surgery she'd be performing on our Zoe. I've been broken down.

She said the condition is "very" correctable, and that Zoe was healthy now. But that she still might have some chromosomal problems. If you feel tired, sing along.

Feeling lost and tired, I listened to my song back to work.

Thank you for writing this song for me. I don't think you know what you did when you wrote it. Someday I hope to sing it with you when you're around, or i'll jump on a mike with zoe in heaven.


Aaron said...

throwing out names like nothing...look at you guys!

I'm pumped to watch your hearts as you travel the "church" world of America. How has God been working on your hearts as you've seen "church"?