October 12, 2007

i met some great folks in north carolina last week that you guys have to check out. my friends at five sided coffee are producing organic locally grown coffee and giving any profits away to several key missional causes around the world. the coffee is great and this company is benefiting the poor with its proceeds. check them out at FIVEsidedCOFFEE.com btw, if you are connected with a company of any kind that is seeking to produce a great product, pay fair wages to workers, and use there entrepenuerial skills to benefit the poor - please post a comment and tell us about them. its important that we all support companies like this as we strive to join a missional movement that will bring about whole change in the world. blessings everybody, robbie


The Marlers said...

Robbie - love your's and Liz's heart for these things! We share the passion! Brandon & Sharla

Kyle said...

That is sweet! I wish we had a five sided coffee place here in the Tampa Bay area! All we have is Starbucks. I like your story about the van, especially because you are all alive and well.

Peace be with you brother.

Aaron said...

thank you so much for being true to local and afar daily affairs!