October 10, 2007

rsb is still alive.
we've just gone through the longest 9 days on the road that we've ever experienced and are still breathing.

i'm laughing out loud on the plane right now as i head back to Houston for a few days off.
Just thinking of all that seemed go wrong for us is hilarious:

saturday- dan misses the flight due to pneumonia. we were left scrambling for a drummer in the atlanta area and found a new friend in COLE. He showed up and played the entire set without sound checking or rehearsing with us at all! he was great - thanks cole!

monday- drummer # 2 shows up in atlanta. the great TANK Lisenbe from Houston arrived and has been fantastic. He is now referred to as MR TANK on the road with all the boys. tank pretty much lays down the fat beats and gives the kids what they're after -- rock and roll music.

tuesday- Brandon is driving the van around midnight when our lights begin to fade to black. the van dies in a small town east of chatanooga. we make it to the wal mart parking lot and tried to fix it ourselves (uh..musicians and car repair - bad combo). we get hotel rooms there and replace a bad battery in the a.m. in time to hit the road about 9am.

wednesday- two hours after departing the first breakdown, #2 hits while driving through Nashville. this time we knew it was the alternator. we pulled over on a side street thought for sure we'd have to cancel the INDY show. After approaching an elderly man who was fixing his own car, we bought an alternator, replaced it with our new friend and fellow musician JOHNNY, and made it in time for Indianapolis.
the stories from the old guy are classic!! we'll be posting audio soon of our conversations with the J man.

thursday- bad traffic in chicago had us running way late for the milwaukee radio interviews (sorry FISH crew) but we did stop at culver's (is that right? i can't remember) and that was a great hamburger.

friday- early morning flights had us wiped most of the day but spending time with my brother chris and pastor rick mcKinley from portland was great for all the guys.

with all that's gone wrong, its been one of best weeks of the band's life.
we've met so many great folks in Milwaukee, camp hill, maryland, d.c., atlanta, Indianapolis, north carolina, and south carolina.

thanks to everybody who's come out to the shows this week.
its been a joy to meet you and have you share this music with us!

with love and need for a nap,


handling olympus said...

So COME TO COLORADO! breakdowns here are better.
LOVE the album. john

Coop said...

Loved seeing you guys at Elmbrook in Milwaukee; should have asked for an autograph! Come back and see us again sometime, we'd love to have you! :-D

vince said...

thanks so much for the awesome new cd, gets me going every early morning. its truly been a blessing, its too bad i live in canada, prob wont get to hear you guys live. but do take care
peace be with you, robbie & co.

Sterling Griggs said...

Don't forget the coffee. Don't ever forget the coffee.

Anonymous said...

Shelby Christian Church Youth is looking forward to hearing and seeing you at the ICYC this coming weekend.
Hope to purchase your newest CD.

Sarah said...

I am so glad you all made it to Indy because that's where I first heard you and your lyrics have really touched my heart. Thanks so much :)