September 14, 2007

RSB Fitness World 2007

after two long weeks of cd release events, rsb is back in houston.
we've had a blast playing the new album so far and are preparing to head back out very soon.

as i traveled last week, my wife called with 2 demands : take her on vacation and exercise more.

and so, i just returned from a 2 mile jog and i feel as if the world will soon fall upon my head.
i know this may just flat out shock most of you, but ... i'm out of shape!
i got these new shoes, you see, and i was thinking maybe they would provide the competitive edge that i needed as i prepare for a 5k run that my wife has signed me up for.
i just need to run more, pretty basic i guess.

so here's what i'm asking: how can i pass the time better as i run?
surely some of you fine folk have some good advice for a poor lad like me
do you listen to music? do you daydream? do you count steps?
i don't know..i'm just looking for some help here, people

much love from rsb fitness world 2007


josh Allan said...

Is the iPod too obvious a suggestion? The Nano is the only thing that gets me through my torturous runs...

I just realized that didn't sound so great. lol

Anyhow, I also have a question -- I just got "Give Yourself Away" from the Relevant Magazine deal (which was awesome by the way), but obviously sans artwork/booklet. Any chance you guys could post lyrics somewhere? I help with music at my church here in SoCal and would love to have our group do some of your new tunes!

handling olympus said...

i've got a sure fire secrect for getting through through long runs - i ride my bike!
lovin' the new album - listenin' to it a lot!

Anonymous said...

Love Song of Hope!!
The iPOD is definitely the key. sure not to put music that's too jumpy on it or you will speed up your run, throw off your pace, and get tired more quickly. Slow and steady wins the 5k, right?
I run out of obligation daily. I wish I loved it, but I just don't. Oh's to obedience!!

Richie said...

If this isn't ironic.....
I'm a massive fan, even caught you on the radio one nite and we spoke.

I've recently lost weight doing various things. Uh... Like, this is crazy, but.. I was inspired to 'go outside' by YOU, Rob! :~)

Can I cry now please???

Well, here's the deal, I was so jones'd by your Breathing Air Again song back in 2005, that I started doing just that. Breathing.

I did everything I could to become active and enjoy life in Christ the same beautiful way that you described it in that song. And I must say... It's inspired my walk.

I lost 65 lbs.

And it was all because of you.

Most Passionately,
Richie Douglas

Adam said...

I like to let my mind wander as I run. I usually head to a 5K trail/park in my hometown of Tulsa, OK and do one of two things (sometimes simultaneously):

1) I let the sound of my feet hitting the gravel become a metronome and then mentally begin to write cheeseball heavy metal riffs to the tempo (or, alternately, I write cheeseball techno/electronica riffs, depending on my mood).

2) Look around me at the other runners struggling around the trail, or at the businessmen on the nearby golf course, or the families playing in the park, and begin to invent histories for all of them. So the balding, slow-moving, paunchy guy with the nano on his arm and the old Eagles t-shirt becomes Don Henley himself, in disguise, running around the park because he's been kidnapped by a crazed terrorist who has surgically implanted those iPod earbuds. And the nano is constantly playing "Hotel California" on a loop. The only way to end it? Don must jog thirty miles without stopping. If he refuses, he will surely go insane from the sound of his own song on repeat; he has no choice but to soldier on.

See? I just got, like, a full kilometer out of that little story. Four more stories like it and I'm done.

Hope it helps. Like the new record a lot.